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RE: "I mean, you got the first lamestream Democrap-shill who is stuttered and senile and creepy and got installed as the President by the largest organized voter fraud in American history. I mean, that's a storybook, man."

in #informationwar3 years ago

Why the Depopulation?

I think your theory is wrong. mine is that the western child raping cleptocratic aristocratic feodalists forces sought that for example post feodal china would be submissive, servile, enslaved and serfing for them...

grave mistake, sinister even... revealed for what they are, they have been.

I am sure furthermore that when they invaded irak in 2003 it was for them, in their minds, easier than germany or japan reconstruction... they just forgot... to read.


yes the Deep State desires slaves, but too high population could be disastrous for them...they want world order totally decided by them

by them and for them, only.

and their children... thus the logic applied.

I hope you understand, even if it shocks or disturbs you.

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