A question about islam : sharia court ?

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I mean I have a little idea about what sharia is ... okay, but the courts? I don't think you have a feodal scam ala scotus and or pan european priest hood?

I mean how is it organized? it's mosk based?

very complex for the tourists...

I guess it's decentralized? in the sense the sharia court of bagdad doesn't rule doha? (I guess doha sharia court wants to rule the world, but not according to sharia :D)

anyway, I hope you get the question

because the cia etc hide this aspect...

I mean "terrorists" don't have laws... duh 101 :D


Found you, LOL!

Islam is a political system first, shielded and promoted as a religion. Sharia is the enforcenent arm of that political system.

They are allowed, within this political system; to freely lie to those outside this system to promote this system. They are also allowed to use deadly force, to promote this same political system....

This leaves islam, as the only 'religion' that espouses 'convert or die'; as a conversion tool.


you still haven't joined the tea house : https://steemit.com/trending/hive-171736

Been fighting to keep my wife alive. I haven't had a lot if spare time....


oh no, sad to hear it. I hope she will recover or die in peace.

It is a serious battle, but she is healing! That damn hospital actively tried to kill her. I will sue them, time allowing; as soon as possible!

Everything she is fighting now, is hospiral aquired....


hello hello !

in short the "christians" allowed their daughters to be raped (the other chick), the last one, explained, I guess, the censored part...


welcome !

islam is a hollistic way of life and more importantly dying. Sharia is the islamic law, aka divine law (no transgender story time allowed).

yeah, used... or more exactly attempted to be used, by our enemies, who are amusingly, the same enemies of islam too :)

no you can pay your dimi tax (10% max) and be left alone ! but that worked mostly under the Rashidoons... aka lead by example...

The "dimi tax" only lasts until they have total control. When they do, if moves to convert or die. They use that tax to achieve that total control....

In Daniel 11, islam is wiped out by NATO in Response to an invasion of Israel. They will use modern weapons, and the Bible says that this third war (woe) will be like lighting and unlike the first two. There is a verse that says the elements will melt with fervent heat, sounds nuclear to me....

We are in the tribulation, and they better leave my daughter alone. She daily carries a 40 calibre; and is a very good shot; unless I get to them first! I started her with her own rifle when she was seven.

We need to stop going along with liberal feces, it is the road to hell itself! They need to hear NO loud and often. Their beliefs, do Not over ride mine, and I refuse to follow that which is abomination to me; just because they say I must!

They will force violence upon Christians, because they work for the other guy; and refuse to leave us in peace!

Be aware, and be prepared.


no, you are wrong about the dimi tax, they can't negociate it, because otherwise you go to the sharia court, and the book is clear, at least to me.

no islam won't be wiped by nato, not by anyone, but as predicted :).

who cares about your daughter but you, she ain't a spider, she doesn't know what is going on in her back.

the liberals feces are thrown over building in some islamic countries...

no, no need, christians are too dumb to even necessitate violence, they give their other cheek.

The islamic engineer I worked with pointed out, and History bears it out; that when a country hits a high percentage of the population, the 'rules' are handled differently. Their holy writings are written in two parts. The first was written when he was in a islamic minority country, and is more tolerant of other faiths. The second part was when he was in a islamic majority country, and is very intolerant. This is the split between the sunni muslins and the shiite muslims, that has killed countless muslims at the hand of other muslims. If they achieve a high enough percentage, we will face a convert or die quandry.

I did misspeak, islam will not be wiped out, but the arab countries that are theocratic in nature, will be destroyed in the third woe.

We must all take care of our own, and part of that care is teaching situational awareness, and self defense. She also has a husband that watches out for her. She is an intuitive shooter, that hits in the high 90%; without using the sights on the firearm. That is a skill I wish I had myself!

The liberals foul everything they gain control over, at their Masters orders!

Not true across the board, at the request of my church; I and other deacons, carry weapons and have a written plan to oppose violence at church. I also wear body armor at church, with multiple concealed carry firearms. That response plan is seven pages, and will make the church a very hard target. I have visited several churches, to recommend security upgrades. Many are adding armed response teams.

It is a sad statement of the times we live in!


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