3: free speech (bloomberg, obama control matrix) - electric trotinnette in the french rivers (peace is a long way of) - pedospread

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1 bloomberg doesn't get, is that the black emperor understood way more americans than most thaught and while foreign wars were lead, the pinks were fighting about toilets... so freespeech is a right a god given right but it has to be used. so the control matrix worked perfectly, because they let themselves be used and played.

2 french electric individual mobility units in the rivers... I am curious to know how many are in the yang tse ? ahahah ! at a point, ECS, electronic credit scoring.... same people who throw EV into rivers rape... or said, who steal an egg... stole a ?

hehehe. But what do to ? Why people can't respect a river? the propriety of others? are they more than nutrients? ensavaging isn't the appropriate term, they always have been. they just remove their masks... like what's the term of throwing small trashes everywhere? littering... why? hypergamy !

Again ! the hypergamy framework, because it proves to the female that the mate is above hte social order as he does the "forbidden" and he is the "king of the earth"... or maybe with some? IDK.

and if a phaze of ECS constant watch is necessary to purge the earth to prevent the alien invasion, so be it !

step 1 deploy ECS
step 2 check that it's the good target that are taken out
step 3 remove ECS (full money cycle, ie those running should not take over the income stream, builders demolishers... ).

the best way to defend free speech is arms ! even if only the leos listen, at least someone will !

and I agree more and more sugar is very dangerous ! more disclaimer !!! more information, and I would add gluten...

those gluten rate aren't naturally incuring ! cutting cost, conservation (frozen) etc... bad bad bad...

more disclaimer !

3 and the pedocreep... normalizing pedophilacy... I am curious who are the LGBTQ individuals pushing that... they should remember what was done to all of their communities, because of people like them... you know the jewish analogy... when the corrupt hide among those following moses... or wanna seen the winter of poland outside on a strict calorie basis to foster a quick nutrient retrieval process? myself it is very simple : 365 multiplied by 18.

you don't understand this? nutrient.

ez !

not happy? I am not sure that screaming is allowed in the plains of poland... personally I would say no, shoot on sight, and let it rot... will see if they will eat it :D ahahah ! nooo... bad idea say the others... the doggies !! the doggies... compromise a while?

ahhh free speech ! you want a good though experiment... if michael bloomberg was a ss camp runner (with dual use, worker and extermination)? how would it looks like? hahaha...

fucking boring this money wars... income stream control...

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