GOING SIDEWAYS: Bills In Congress Update And Facial Recognition Rollouts In The UK And Russia

Hi everyone. I put up a series of videos on BitChute Monday and Tuesday so now I'm catching up on posting.

There are certain bills in Congress that I keep an eye on and it's been awhile so here's the update on those bills.

H.R.2959 - Freedom from Assault Weapons Act
(02.21.20 status Introduced 05-23-19 -no change)

H.R.1296 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2019:
(02.21.20 status Introduced 02-15-19-no change)

H.R.5 - Equality Act:
(Introduced 03-13-19)
(02.21.20 status -Passed the house on 05-17-19-no change)

H.R.1384 - Medicare for All Act of 2019:
(02.21.20 status - Introduced 02-27-19 -no change)

S.852 - Anti-Semitism Awareness Act of 2019:
(02.21.20 status - Introduced 03-14-19 - no change)

Vaccinate All Children Act of 2019
(02.21.20 status - Introduced 05-03-19- no change)

They are all just sitting there.

OK, on to the topic of Facial Recognition Rollouts. London is rolling out live facial recognition surveillance in London as soon as February 2020 ( Article is dated Jan 24, 2020). This is despite known accuracy concerns with the technology.

The UK already has more surveillance cameras per person than any other country in the world except China. British citizens are famously relaxed about that coverage when that surveillance comes in the form of closed-circuit television (CCTV).

Their acceptance of surveillance is permission and so the next step is taken. They should have pushed back. A live facial recognition network is more like a series of checkpoints if you think about it. You pass by a camera and you are checked against a list of who the authorities are looking for regardless of why they are looking for them. This occurs at every one they put out. Now, you know they will activate more and more over time and you know they are also logging everyone who passes by in order to keep the CCTV feature of future use. All to keep you safe from the boogieman hiding in broad daylight waiting to attack you.

Moscow has come up with a way to do the same thing but have overwhelming societal support. They are rolling out the exact same thing but "to prevent individuals that might be at risk of infection from going outside their homes or hotels". They are using the coronavirus outbreak at the reason for this much needed technology. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Live facial recognition was launched to Moscow's extensive CCTC network last month.

You see it? Set up the framework. Set up the network. Then, add the desired features. BANG! Same method the UK used. Same method China used. Always the same method. THIS is why I insist people pay attention to what is going on in other countries. As over there, so over here. Funny how everyone is on the same path using the same methods. "Enemy" countries. "Friendly" countries. Doesn't seem to matter. Interesting.

There is also the fact that when this crisis is over, are these cameras in Moscow reverting back to CCTV? I bet you know the answer. See how this all works?

Video version on BitChute can be seen here........

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Moscow rolls out biometric facial recognition to monitor coronavirus infections

London Police to Deploy Facial Recognition Cameras Despite Privacy Concerns and Evidence of High Failure Rate

Met Police to deploy facial recognition cameras

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Everything You Say And Do Online Can And Will Be Used Against You.


It's "Brave New World" meets "1984." Next stop...."The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells. Sad news.....and does anyone care?

P.S. Thanks @squirrelbait for this info!

You are welcome. This area is my topic of specialty not all this virus stuff. Can't get so distracted I lose track of the progress towards our enslavement. I have to keep people up to date on the whole global governance stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

Bravo! One must only look at the corporate-owned media's narrative to know what "they" want us to be distracted by.......a constant bombardment of fear porn to make us afraid enough to give up our rights. Keep up the good fight!!

Thanks! I appreciate your support.