Observations on the 911 attack, based on direct observation, and engineering analysis.

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Like everyone else I am thinking about 911 in NYC almost two decades ago. I believed, like everyone else what I was told. I began study on what happened out of engineering curiosity, since we have an identical structure here in Tulsa that has half the floors.

In the process I did a hands on inspection of one of the steel beams from the WTC, as well as a careful review of the externally stressed skin design of the building.

I believe, from my statics and strength of materials training, my metal forging experience, and from exotic metal machining for two decades; that heat weakened the floor supporting beams. As they sagged, they moved off of the supports transferring the loading to the building skin. When they moved far enough in, they came off, and dropped to the floor below. The floor below then had the loading of two floors, so it's failure was faster than the last. The third one down had three, and was even faster.

This progressive acceleration is the reason the theory of controlled demolition on the twin towers. It was simply Physics and thermal metal softening. THAT IS NOT TO SAY I DISMISS alternate theories on what happened then!

Image from article:
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Here is an interesting article on controlled demolition that is more likely than the twin towers being demoed:

Tower Seven is the forgotten mass casualty event of 911. The Twin Towers were the most memorable, of course with the impact of both planes and the collapse of the towers on video, played over and over again.

They jumped through some unlikely scenarios to explain the failure of building seven, and it did NOT make sense. They destroyed their creditability over this building. There was no fire, and there was no impact on building seven; but it went down in an accelerated fashion, similar to the first two towers. The theory is controlled demolition, which makes Zero sense, due to the complexity of charge placement.

It seems that in order to avoid the uncomfortable lack of credibility to the official story, the victims of Tower Seven, that deserve to be remembered as much as any of the thousands of Americans that were killed that day, have been forgotten.

What these theories lack, is an understanding of the actual construction of the building itself. The controlled destruction of the building seven, combined with the unusual construction; suggests another possibility. If charges were placed on the support beams for several of the upper floors, which is a much simpler demolition setup; would drop several floors to a third floor below. The triple loading on a undamaged floor beam would bend that beam in a similar fashion, where it would push the outer support wall outward. This would cause a pull away disengagement on this third floor, dropping it to the forth one. This would cause a sequential failure that could easily be mistaken for a controlled demolition.

This article reaches a similar conclusion:

The recent study utilized computer models of the Tower to simulate varying scenarios. These scenarios would have to account not only for the collapse though but also the near free-fall speed of the tower’s collapse that can be seen on video. Dr. J Leroy Husley concluded, based on the analysis of these computer models, that “the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of all columns in the building and not a progressive collapse involving the sequential failure of columns throughout the building.”.

Dr. Husley goes on to critic the NIST’s findings saying “We discovered that NIST over-estimated the rigidity of the outside frame by not modeling its connections… overall thermal movements at the A2001 base plate support near Column 79 were not sufficient to displace girder A2001.”.

These findings, in conjunction with the wealth of evidence that has been collected and cataloged over the last 18 years nearly, should trouble every American.

I ran into another problem with the second tower. I recommend you pull in all the videos of the WTC tower number two strike. These videos are being destroyed so you better download them if you want to study them!

NOW, what you should look for...the second tower was brought down by a USAF plane! The best videos are purged, but you can still find some. Look for two items, either of which is conclusive; first look for windows in the side of the cabin, and second, look for a large cylinder under the right wing, close to the body. This cylinder is called an ECM Pod (Electronic Counter Measures) Pod that is ONLY found on USAF aircraft!

In the first video (which is now gone) I saw zero windows and a clear view of the ECM Pod. I looked for two full hours trying to find this again, before I realized that they would destroy clear evidence in videos. I am left with a picture I took off of my screen (I could not video capture it) from an unknown (unassigned) video collage on youtube. They did not attribute it, sorry.


It does show the ECM Pod close to the body of the USAF aircraft! If you are interested, better look now, they are destroying al the close videos, and the ones that show the long view of this plane coming in. As a side note, it is painted Airforce Blue....

So conspiracy theories deserve a second look. I am now convinced by evidence, that this was a false flag attack, SMH; and may GOD help us all!


They are not theories if they are true. These are actual conspiracies.

Point taken, you are correct, now we need to start prosecution....


My father vhs taped the news for like 2 days maybe he has a better video I will have to ask

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There were a lot of closeup videos, but most are gone today. This at least does show the ECM pod....

Since that hardware is not on any passenger aircraft, this is proof positive that this plane is Not a commercial aircraft!

If he has videos, I would love to see them! Post them, and we can watch them together, LOL!


So if that wasn't the commercial airliner, what happened to it?

So if that wasn't
The commercial airliner,
What happened to it?

                 - janton

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It is not an airliner, as the ECM Pod, in the picture proves....

As to what happened to the actual flights...if they existed at all; is that they had to be landed somewhere, and all the passengers on board had to be murdered, to keep them quiet!

But since they murdered all they people in the towers, what are a few more going to bother? It is still murder of innocent US Citizens....


That's some scary stuff. That'd be worse than seeing smithlabs in a dark alley!

Ahh, but you would Never actually see him, ROFLOL! But you are right, this is very scary....


So if you met smithlabs in a dark alley suddenly everything would just go black? lol.

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