YouTube Gets Woke Goes Broke Loses 70 BILLION DOLLARS

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Tim Pool has some good points here. I could see YouTube becoming the next Myspace / Yahoo. I say Myspace because people are leaving for less censored platforms and Yahoo because of their investment into Alibaba. The latter became the most valuable part of Yahoo. Alphabet, the parent of YouTube along with other silicon valley oligarchs are spending Billions on under sea fiber optic cables. This will soon give them the competitive advantage of controlling internet flow. Not only will they be able to censor content creators but are also slow or deny access to the internet to anyone. Google builds its own sub-sea cable from the US to France

Internet Backbone

Tech Oligarchs will continue to control the world on data for decades to come. Even if they loose their front ends aka Facebook, YouTube ect they will maintain control over what the world can see.

  • Google owns major shares of 63,605 miles of submarine cables.
  • Google will be the sole owner of 10,433 miles of submarine cables when the Curie cable is completed in 2019.
  • Google holds partial ownership of 8.5% of submarine cables worldwide.
  • Google holds sole ownership of 1.4% of submarine cables worldwide.
  • A boom in submarine cable investments has been underway since 2016.
  • Content providers like Facebook and Amazon are increasingly building private cables to support their cloud services.

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I seriously doubt YouTube will go the way of MySpace or Yahoo. I'm only saying this because obviously YouTube is back by a multi-billion dollar behemoth of a company. I think no matter how much money YouTube hemorrhages, Alphabet will do everything in there power to keep the platform going. I think alphabet sees the benefit of having a monopoly on the video sharing space and I don't think they'll be giving it up easily.

I think the only thing that will change this is a really, really bitchnin' decentralized video platform that matches YouTube almost 1:1 and has solid backing and good notoriety. I mean, I know there's stuff like dtube (which btw I really love!), but these platforms are, sadly, just not there yet. Fingers crossed they'll get better though!

Besides that, I pretty much agree with most of what you and Tim Pool are saying. The way Alphabet operates is bad and very anti-consumer! Hopefully the new age of decentralized apps and blockchain technology will put an end to there nasty deeds.

Resteemed! I personally think Youtube will be around for a long time but there is definitely competition building up. Blockchain could disrupt video sharing platform, Steemit is a good example. Youtube needs to be aware of it's competition

They likely will be around, but will loose market dominance. Alphabet is fat with cash and has never been tested with a market downturn. YouTube's risk is regulations, primarily in the EU.

For add revenue their risk is Brave browser and technology that will take their add revenue

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wooo that's insane...
How and why google decide the speed and deny thr internet access.

It's not fare I think or may be i am wrong i dont know exactly.

But after reading that it seems to be a bit wrong...

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My point is they will have the ability to take your data and use it to manipulate you.

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MSM always lies American into war after war after war after war...yet...they get to keep lying on YouTube...which leads to the death of millions around the world, by US drones.

You have fairly well noted the facts, but if you cant explain why then there is nothing actionable.

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I also can't type. It is easy to explain. 200 white dudes control $50 trillion, while 1/2 of humanity lives on less than $10 per day.
That's the global "capitalism" of the federal reserve banking system.
There isn't much to do but survive the collapse of the US Empire and/or WW3...which starts by learning what's happening.