LARPing With The Samurai

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So a bunch of college kids have taken over Capital Hill in Seattle. Nothing new really since UDub is just up the street, but now it's an Autonomous Zone! Or so the LARPers say. That is until the Samurai show up.

What the LARPer's don't understand is there are samurai out there. The samurai sometimes wear badges, sometimes work covert and sometimes work for our government and carry M16's. It's that latter group you really have to worry about and here's why.

Years ago when I was studying Japanese history I learned of the story of two samurai. Both very gifted swordsmen. One of them had a falling out with a lord and was cast out. It ruined him and he sought revenge. The other samurai was in good standing with the lord and was a protector of the castle and surrounding town, a lawman if you will.

When the outcast finally was able to make it back into town to seek revenge he met up with the lawman samurai. Now, the fight wasn't like any of the bullshit you see in movies or on TV. No 50 strikes at one another while criss crossing the town. No, the battle was over in 2-3 blows with the outcast losing his life. That is real life. Professionals, like samurai, will take you down before you know what is going on. These LARPers in Seattle and elsewhere are going to find this out the hard way. If the professionals are called in this will end fast.

On that note, considering that they can't stop the homeless from stealing their food stocks or stop a warlord from coming to power, they sure as hell won't be able to handle the samurai.



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