Transforming The Fierce Feminine Shadow As An Act Of Sacred Global Activism

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Transforming The Fierce Feminine Shadow As An Act Of Sacred Global Activism

An interview with Sienna Lea And Alfred Lambremont Webre

Rise Multiversity founder Sienna Lea brings new awareness and healing dimensions to the return of the Divine Feminine and the empowerment of women with a new chapter in the forthcoming publication of new edition of her book Stealing the Moon.” ~ Alfred.

“It was a joy to bring the Multiverse to the OmniVerse (he he) and contemplate opening up to more collaboration and sharing. It is so valuable to come out of separation and join with others, heal for real and gain strength for the challenges ahead. I hope this podcast gives you some soul food to chew on. Surfs up! Lots of shifting and lots in our face. Hang in there! Let’s learn to ride these rapids with open hearts and solution in community. We can do it!!

~ Sienna.


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