The DNA Embedded Mind Control Transhumanist Agenda

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Here's my latest interview with Lance White (the Zany Mystic). Check it out. We had quite a lively discussion on mind control, Nazi's, and 5G, to name just a few of the topics covered.


"In this densely packed podcast, Carla Fox shares her fascinating insights and experiences regarding hive mind mentalities and embedded layers of mind control.

Expanding upon her previous blogs, she explains how the internal voices within us are not ours but of a manipulating technology that transmits through our DNA, keeping us in looping thought patterns and past memories around self judgement, regret and guilt.

Learn how this comes together with wireless technologies as well as domesticated and modified foods to keep us in lock-down, inhibiting our natural body consciousness abilities.

Discover how this removes our human creativity, passions and motivations and why it's important to retain our natural right to critical thinking."


Listen Here:


Enjoy the show. 
~ Carla Fox.

"Carla Fox has been seeking the answers to life’s most important questions all of her life. Who are we, What are we doing here, and Where are we going? Her mission on Earth is to answer these questions for herself and others, and to be a way shower for those whose path is to complete their Earthly sojourn in their current lifetime."

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