Ramola D Interviews With Changemakers (9): Sienna Lea, Inner Work Facilitator, Shadow Synthesist

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“Wonderful fluid conversation with Sienna Lea, a psychologist by training who came to understand over a much-travelled lifetime that the licensed practice of Psychology like the practice of Psychiatry within the Western paradigm is a top-down operation with duality built in and abnormal structure defined by “scientific” boundaries which really do not serve humanity, and carved her own transformational path instead to connecting with, and helping people connect with their own inner cores and authentic selves.

Through her program of Shadow Synthesis—which she says is similar to the shamanistic work of soul-retrieval–she helps people understand their own shadow selves and energy disruptors which often lead to self-sabotage and loss of self, and works, she says as an inner work or transformation facilitator permitting people to tap into their own true power and reclaim all the little bits and pieces often given away to shadow selves and other more esoteric interdimensional energy vampires. Relating her own journey of travel and understanding from a loveless childhood through youthful rebellion and rejection of life to working to understand her own self and life, she describes a journey of transformation which has brought her to a new place of reverence for life, humanity, and deep soul connection.

Sienna is firmly rooted in awareness of our present reality of mass, large-scale energy vampirism as our shadow governments and undercover controllers worldwide slam humanity with one assault after another and seek to crush us all on every level, and works to address this situation with psychic insight and resolute intention to heal. “Holding space” as Anaiis Salles also states, she works to build community online and across borders with her educational conference and workshop center, Rise Multiversity, which recently hosted, with Living Lessons Library and Anaiis Salles, as well as Alfred Webre of Peace in Space and NewsInsideOut the Ban 5G and Ban Neuro. DEWS summit online.

Nature and connecting with Gaia, Mother Earth has been a large part of her experience and transformation and something she hopes to connect people to as well.” 

Interviews With Changemakers (9):
Sienna Lea, Inner Work Facilitator, Shadow Synthesist

Sienna Lea,
Ramola D,

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