I Just Don't Care Anymore

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I am hearing it all over the place. ”Come on Sienna, 5G and the whole dark agenda’s rollout is inevitable prepare and honker down”. “What can one person do in the face of all this darkness exploding in our faces?” And the big one the all-inclusive one “I Don't CARE REALLY I JUST DO NOT GIVE A SH**.”

Not caring, not feeling, not opening our eyes, hearts and creative potentials DULLS THE PAIN. Is it fast becoming your drug of choice? I get it, how much madness can we bear without cracking? Best to just go numb, stay in shock, leave our bodies, shut it down. Who cares? Right?

Not caring, and not believing we can do anything in the current environment is the fruit of years of preparing us to be lemmings, suiciding ourselves right at the moment when we actually can Rise together and be the solution.

Last week a crowd of young people ingested collectively a zombie apocalypse drug then passed out in a park right next to Harvard University - Our youth sending the Matrix controllers the message “we don’t care.”

These events are spreading. I get it! The tsunami of bad news on every front can leave us feeling exhausted and defeated. By design!!!!!!!!!!!! What can one person do?

What ties you to defeat and isolation? What keeps you looping in despair and inaction?

Wounding? Illness? Isolation? Poverty? Abuse? Targeting?

For those waiting for the good guys to take out the bad guys good while going about business as usual well good luck with that. Even if it’s true we have a huge cleanup and restoration project, starting from within.

Universal Organic forces coming from Gaia, Source and the Omniverse are rushing to our aid if we care, learn, listen and co-create with them.

Imagine a person wandering the desert for aeons on the verge of collapse, exhaustion and dehydration stumbling for days, close to death. He/she has had it pounded into them through heat, starvation and isolation that all is lost. The best thing to do is surrender to the inevitable and not care about outcomes.

Truth is that just at this darkest hour, humanities dark night of the Soul, the connection to Source healing opens wide for each one of us. If we don’t care we miss this unprecedented gift. But and here is the rub, if we can release the despair of all the pain we have suffered and reach in loving co-creation for the exit door out of this prison system the divine energy that created all of this will greet us with open arms, and support us. As we step up so does LIFE. The savior is in our willingness to align then co-creation with organic life. To play in this arena we need to be a frequency match for our own salvation.

The amazing truth is the prison ultimately has been internalized. We are held by our own inner jailers from within. The demons and entities that vampirize our life force do so because we disassociate and shut down. They live in us on the parts of us we have abandoned. They are counting on us giving up. But we have what it takes to birth a new version of humanity that is not robotic and controlled by malevolent forces. It is all within us. We can do a 180 and send them away, reclaim what has been stolen and bring our Souls into wholeness and joy. Even now, especially now, it has to be now because Now is all we got.

What will you do? Sit in despair, withdraw further into separation? Blame the Matrix, the president, the Cabal, the Russians? Will you just not care enough allowing the impositions to sink your destiny ship to the ocean floor or will you Rise?

We here at Rise Multiversity vote for the later. We know it is so not easy right now and we also know this can be done. To heal the outer, we need to transmute the inner now in community, bearing witness to the long journey we have all endured. We have all experienced so much of the very same thing feeling totally alone, betrayed and abandoned. We have been here with each other all along and sharing our journey can bring us the healing we need. It is time. We have others now who get it and who need us. We need them simply to bear witness, no fixing required. We can expand into mind-blowing soul satiating beauty most especially now at our midnight hour. We can do this in a loving conscious community and that makes all the difference. The corrupt powers that have run this domain want us to fear one another, to stay hidden and rot in our singular prisons.

What are you going to do with the life you have been given?

May I extend a heartfelt invitation to you. Our next gatherings are listed below. May you find what you need and recognize the gifts you are being given, here, there and everywhere.

Michael Turlock (formally Barry) and myself will be hosting the Zero Point Café on Saturday September 8th. Have a look. We would love to meet and get to know you.

Wanna go deeper and clear what is sabotaging your bliss and path to purpose? My last course of the year, Shadow Synthesis I is coming up a final time for 2018, starting date Oct 6th. Are you feeling the call? Have a look and feel into if now is your time?

Much love to you whatever you do, become or decide. We are so much more powerful, beautiful, loving and creative than they want us to know. Being the love is embodying the hope for humanity now. It is a prerequisite for graduation. Those who stay trapped in darkness will experience that timeline. The organic Gaia informed timeline is one of endless, expanding, love, care and bliss. Not caring will deliver you into the dark star agenda.

The revolution is your evolution, don’t cave into the “I don’t care downward spiral”. Don’t let the forces of darkness take you for the final ride into oblivion. Rise and be a solutionary in any way you feel. This will align you with the powerful Ascension spirals that are there waiting for you to come home to a new Earth, outside of duality. It’s happening. People are experiencing it.

We can do this people.

Caring deeply for each of our community.
~ Sienna lea

"Sienna is the creator of Shadow Synthesis and inceptor of Rise Multiversity. Look behind the veil at the cast of characters living in you as you. It’s time for you to take center stage finally, to bring the shadow into focus then into wholeness to birth solution outside the limitations and endless attacks we now face..." Read More.


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Information War

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