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The subject around the dangers of wireless technology has been a hot topic for a long while. Despite that, many people are not making the connection between the dangers of what these wireless signals really pose and the conveniences they supposedly offer. Since we have been producing the "5G Call to Action Community Summits" (watch for free here), I have come across messages asking...

"What does 5G have to do with my phone and computer?"

Whether it's 5G, 4G or Bluetooth technologies, they seduce us with the slogan that everything is connected. A unified "convenient" experience that comes to us at a cost to not only our health but in how we think and behave as a society also.

Addressing the concerns of these dangerous frequencies is one thing. It is another to address how these devices piece together for the sake of convenience and progress in a way that is voyeuristic, prying into our day to day on levels that people are only starting to realise. Hopefully before it's too late. They call it "The Internet of Things" but the truth is, it is a war on us using data mining operation on a whole new level.

It is time to "Get Smart" and learn how all these apps, devices and technologies piece together.

Smart devices, smart homes and smart cities will not only get us ill but put us in a soup of complication and lockdown.

Do you think a "smart future" is really something that is going to be in our best interest?

How much do we need these so-called conveniences and innovations, manipulating our habits and thoughts to the point that we "need" access to Twitter on our fridge? (That is not a joke. That actually happened.)

Smart cities and economies are to redesign and redefine how factories, commerce and productions operate for the sake of "urban economic development".

I encourage you to research the larger agenda at play and understand exactly how both wired and wireless devices, can be used in harmful ways against us. Many of you already know about smart meters or unfortunately already have one in your home. Take that up a notch to the next level from your home to your schools, to your library and place of learning, to your bank and to your place of work. "Smart cities" are the planned future we all are about to face. The development of this vast covert infrastructure is already in place with "Cyber-Human Smart Cities" next on their roadmap.

There are many pieces to the puzzle and "smart" is just one of them together with Artificial Intelligences and blockchain technologies.

Yes, blockchain technologies!

If you are interested in knowing the academic facts, technologies, infrastructures and philosophies behind smart devices, homes, economies and cities and how they are going to shape your near future, then look no further. I have discovered some excellent books published by Springer in which you can get into the teeth of the information. Springer specialises in global scientific, technical and medical data.

Learn how to be proactive in stopping this rollout, dampening its effects on your health and raise awareness in your local communities. Get the facts to back up your dialogue with what many will sadly call just a conspiracy theory.

You can own a bundle of these academic and educational books (DRM free) for as little as $1 from Humble Bundle here:

This bundle of Smart City books is available only for the next 5 days and will provide an insightful look at what's being planned before us.

Let's get aware and proactive!

What is Humble Bundle? If you're not familiar, it's a great way to support us and our efforts while providing you with fun unique varieties of educational content, software essentials and entertainment at amazing prices you won't see anywhere else. This brings a whole other genre of amazing tools to us. After all, technology is here and it can be used for great good if we use it wisely.

Set your price, deciding where you want your money to go, from the publishers themselves to us, Rise Multiversity. You sponsor us! You can even set a registered charity of your choice.

To take advantage of these books simply use our link, here it is again.

Be good.
~ Adrian Journey. 

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But the besides the vulnerability of data . I think the IOT is really awesome.
Just tackling big data issues. The blockchains can be put to good use.

Of course. Steemit is a blockchain and we are experiencing this commnunity and it's benefits. It's up to us and society to use technology wisely and not be absorbed. We must be wary of how it can be used to our detriment.

You really don't get it. IOT (Intrusion of Technology) is not awesome; it is a danger to every living organism. The research is all there from before the phone-addiction-society, all nicely catalogued and printed by the US Navy - only some 2300 research publications in 1972.

And btw, 5G plans to start at 25GHz but then creep up to 80 GHz. Well, you can buy a microwave weapon from Raytheon that operates at 95 GHz - will burn your skin off in 5 seconds. Awesome?

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