Project Pelican: America's Nuclear Trojan Horse

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Who has heard about Project Pelican? Details are finally starting to come out about the Obama administration's top secret deal with a company known as Gulftainer to lease Port Canaveral in Florida for 35 years. This occurred in 2014 when the property was ceded under the agreement to the shipping container company. Why is this a concern?

Gulftainer, like many other multinationals has a consortium of owners- the Principality of the UAE, the Jafar Brothers of Iraq, and the Russian company Rostec. It is perhaps the Jafar brothers that raise the largest red flag. Dr. Dhia Jafar was the Vice Chairman of Iraq's Atomic Energy Commission and the inventor of the Arab Bomb, nicknamed the "Goofball."
Dr. Jafar was one of Saddam Hussein's inner circle and a brilliant nuclear physicist. He invented a small yet effective nuclear device that can be put into a medium sized rocket.
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This diagram shows how it operates...
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What is troubling about the Canaveral deal is that it offers a perfect opportunity for enemies of the United States to bring a nuclear device to our shores disguised inside a shipping container outfitted with a rocket launcher for short to medium range rockets, called the "Club K" container.
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From the port, it can then be placed on a truck or railway car and shipped to any target in the country.

Even more troubling is that Project Pelican was undertaken without any government oversight whatsoever... unlike Uranium One, this operation was never brought to the attention of CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States) and is therefore completely illegal- treason one may logically imply. The Russian Collusion-Spygate scandal and even U-1 pale in comparison to the possible ramifications of this, both politically and for national security. This has been dubbed by some as "The Perfect Storm," the detonation of such a device could cause an EMP that would disrupt the electric grid for a good part of the country.

Or perhaps this is the real "Russia Collusion" story, Obama and his cronies in the Clinton/Kerry State Dept. conspiring to set off another false flag like 9/11 and blame Trump and the Russians to start WWIII. Maybe this is what Hillary was talking about when she said: "If that bastard gets elected we'll all fucking hang by our necks." America's national security was sold by the Obama administration and the American public deserves to know why.

Ironically, in Brooks Agnew's book, Charm of Favor, an identical device was activated as a means to overthrow the Trump Presidency and put former Atty General Eric Holder in the White House. The book, about primarily the Clintons and their lust for power is more fact than fiction. One way or another, this is something that badly needs to be investigated... it could easily turn out to be the biggest scandal in US history.





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If things were honest and right, they would not hide it in shipping container boxes. I hope justice can prevail. Thanks @richq11

Thank you my friend... I don't know this is huge and a lot of people are involved. The Clintons (of course), Clapper, Mueller, the whole anti-Trump parade. He could easily use this to throw the whole shebang in prison!

howdy @richq11 oh my gosh! I can't believe we have photos of the actual weapon already disquised and set up in a standard shipping container!
Surely the FBI or someone knows about this thing and about the port deal? hopefully?

yeah if the Russians own the port who is going to be inspecting things?
shocking but great post!

This is just kind of a teaser. The video cited numerous sources that were supposed to be listed in the links, but apparently they were removed. I've been searching them out and have most of them (enough for a more in depth post) I just wanted to let people know about this- the next post will show how big it is and who's involved and how it came to pass.

you are really doing some important research @richq11!
it's alarming but so important to know.

Obama's administration was the mother of secrecy. Am sure if (when) he's fully exposed it'll send the establishment to their knees.

I'm still running down leads for another post... this is HUGE! Clapper, Brennan, Mueller, Jack Lew (the Treas. Sec) Clinton.

One F ... en scandal after another. This is one big corrupted government.

Beautifull news video
Thank you for sharing post sir

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