Paranoia Runs Deep: Deep State Desperation

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In an anonymous op-ed in the NY Times a "source" high up in the Trump administration tells how he/she is working for the "resistance" to bring down the President. The desperation of the Obama holdovers is so thick you can cut it with a knife. In today's video Black Pilled talks about this traitor. The Times article justifies President Trump's declaration that the MSM are indeed "enemies of the people."

The truth of the matter is that these traitors both in and out of government have a lot to be nervous about. In a video interview two former intelligence community agents have come forward representing over 120 such agents working on behalf of the President.

Agents Robert Corone (sp?) and Joshua Mattias (sp?) are launching a new website called ReportToThe and where people can go to research the crimes of former administrations. In the video (which I'll link) they talk about a phone call Mr. Corone received on Nov. 1, 2016 after which he flew to NYC from Norfolk, Virginia to warn the Trump campaign of three spys implanted by the Obama administration: Stephan Halper, a man whose initials are C.S. and another they wouldn't name.

Implicated are bad actors from British GCHQ, The US govt and Russians not associated with the Kremlin, likely Oleg Deripaska. Through ONA (Office of Net Assessment) Halper was paid over $1 million to spy on the Trump team. C.S. worked in IT and Mr. Mattias said he was sending sensitive information to actors abroad (likely the UK), a crime. One theme consistent in the interview was that "Trump and his team have done nothing wrong." All the laws broken were done by Obama, the FBI, CIA, NSA, GCHQ, and other government agencies. It's no wonder the Deep State and their allies in the MSM are ramping up the noise. The media is complicit in the crimes.

Corone and Mattias said that over 120 agents have organized with more joining all the time. They also said that the vast majority in the intel community are on the president's side in this... that it's just a few bad apples that were involved in the criminality, mostly higher-ups in administration. There are two tiers in the intelligence community, unreported assets (dark ops) and regular assets. The regular assets are compartmentalized but the dark ops have access to a variety of information. They also said that "private contractors" of the FBI were given sensitive information, not only illegal, but a violation of protocol. They compared the intelligence agencies under Obama to the East German Stasi.

The video is kind of long (about 1 hr.) but you can learn what's important from the first 30 minutes or so. They encouraged people to investigate Operation Cassandra in which the Obama administration stopped a DEA investigation into drug dealing by Hezbollah to buy arms. It also has something to do with funneling money and arms to Iran. I'll be writing about that tomorrow.

This is really important- as more and more intelligence officials come forward the more inclined the DOJ will be to make important arrests. It will be very difficult for the MSM to sweep the criminality of the Obama administration under the rug.




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Amazing to know about such events unfolding behind the scenes from these government branches and nobody can't do anything.


Once more of these people step forward they'll have to.


but you can do something, join us over at @informationwar...

check out the iw-curator comment on this thread!

"Trump and his team have done nothing wrong." All the laws broken were done by Obama, the FBI, CIA, NSA, GCHQ, and other government agencies.

That's kind of important.
No wonder the propaganda arm of the dhmikratic party is in such a panic.


Yup, and it's going to get worse as more of these intel guys come forward!


who can we trust to be telling the truth?


I think that a lot of people in the NSA, CIA, FBI and others have been forced to turn a blind eye to criminal behavior- treason even- and are good and decent people who got into public service for the right reason. I believe (hope?) enough come forward to present irrefutable evidence. Evidence tells the truth.

The left has never gotten over the fact they lost. You know in the old days we would be like, "well our guy lost, but well get the SOB's in 4 years" and that was that... now, this has just gotten insane!!!


There's a lot of corruption and criminality at stake now. Trump haas them scared.

I missed this when you first published it, but I used the tag #interesteem on my last post and it popped up...good enough for a RS, and it does relate to my Halloween Massacre!


Thank you my friend! I want to do a post on the Catholic/Vatican Scandal being the best thing to happen to the Church in a long time. The hypocrisy of Vatican II and the homosexual infiltration that began in 1924 is being uncovered. But I just don't want to hear all the bullshit from atheists and fake Christians that go along with them.


thats the problem that #informationwar runs into the most...people only hear what they WANT to hear, and cherry pick what supports their view; leftists are extremely susceptible to this problem...

...and especially in re Christianity; which is the major competitor to their own religion


I want to write about the scandal in the Catholic Church being the best thing that could have happened. Beginning in the 1920's the Communists under Stalin recruited homos to infiltrate the Church to destroy it from within. The problem isn't pedophilia, it's homosexuality. The vast number of victims are teenage boys and young seminarians. I'm a firm believer in sunlight being the best disinfectant... BUT the anti-catholic bias is so profound even among "Christians" that I don't want to hear the bullshit!!!


I wonder if anyone has studied the number of female victims vs male victims, OR the the frequency of assualts before 1924

those would be good facts to throw around

then again, facts dont matter in the left's war against Christianity

Nice blog


Thanks for upvote dear

I've heard that there are about 1600 bureauRATS that could be the one they are talking about. When they just put out "high level administration officials" (and similar language) they intentionally leave the impression it's someone REALLY high up, when it doesn't have to be at all.

Buenos dia gracias por su información