America's Darkest Secret: The Exchange Stabilization Fund

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Who would like to know where $21 trillion of US taxpayer dollars disappeared to between 1995 - 2015? Earmarked for the DOD and HUD this money disappeared down a black hole of criminal corruption that has funded some of the most profound criminal activity in the last 100 years, if not all of history. Most everyone in the truth movement knows that the Kennedy assassination was an inside job- but where did the funding for such a massive undertaking come from? The answer to this riddle and much more lies within one of America's best kept secrets... the Exchange Stabilization Fund.

The ESF has been behind every major US fraud/scandal since 1934, according to researcher Eric de Charbonnel of (see link). These include the London Gold Pool (that eventually led Nixon to taking us off the gold standard), the Kennedy assassinations (both), Iran/Contra, CIA drug trafficking (and likely human trafficking), HIV/AIDS and more.

The ESF was established as a part of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 as a part of the Treasury Department. Conducted through the NY Federal Reserve Bank, its stated purpose is to stabilize the dollar and keep it that way. In 1934, $2 billion was transferred to the Treasury with absolutely no Congressional oversight effectively establishing a slush fund. Since then it has controlled both domestic and international finance.

We all like to blame the Fed for the fiat currency crisis as well as any other fiscal and monetary problems, but as we shall see it is in fact the Treasury through the ESF that controls the economy... the Gold Reserve Act in effect denuded the Fed of most of its power.
Since its inception the ESF has consistently debased the value of the US dollar that it was created to protect.

Since WWII the ESF has been a "secret weapon" for funding black ops of every sort. During the war, OSS (the precursor to the CIA) used it for covert financial operations to "keep Nazis out of Mexico and Central America." They are able to accomplish this because the Secretary of the Treasury is under no obligation to obey the laws of the US thus the ESF has been funding black ops around the world for over 80 years.

It was the ESF that was behind the Bretton Woods agreement establishing the IMF and World Bank. Under Harry White, a Treasury Dept. employee and member of the OSS Committee the ESF began using taxpayer dollars to interfere in foreign elections and later laundering money from CIA drug ops, all through the NY Fed. White also became the first president of the IMF.

The third video in this series shows a profound history of the CIA's failures in espionage- the only things it became proficient at are propaganda, drug trafficking and spending money with wanton abandon. It also points out that it is through books (and controlling reviewers) that the most successful propaganda is distributed. During the Church Committee hearings in Congress the CIA was successful in downplaying their involvement in mainstream media. However, at the time of the hearings there were over 400 CIA plants in the MSM including the biggest names in network news... the only difference between then and now is the number of CIA influenced "journalists."

In 1961 the ESF began using currency swaps to dominate foreign currency markets. Their ventures into Cold War covert ops had almost entirely drained the US gold reserves. This is why Nixon had to take us off the gold standard, not because of "foreign speculators." They also use the Fed to control the derivatives market. Since the 1960's, because of the ESF, the entire US economy has been based entirely on smoke and mirrors... a gigantic ponzi scheme based on statistical propaganda. This is what has caused the debasement of our currency more than anything else. This is what drove the switch to Keynesian economics in the 1960's, although it could be argued that FDR was a fan. It has been since the 60's that we have come to view debt as an asset.
Since in no rational world can one spend their way to prosperity, the IMF and World Bank , at the behest of the ESF, began forcing loans on foreign nations and then sending the military in to collect. The only ones profiting from this new version of American foreign policy are the arms manufacturers, the CIA and the ESF. "Beware the military-industrial complex" indeed.

By printing huge sums of money and sending it overseas, it doesn't show up as inflation in the US economy. This is likely what was behind Obama sending plane-loads of cash to Iran. This is the new prosperity. Iran/Contra was a mechanism by which the CIA destabilizes foreign countries. This is now how the ESF stabilizes the dollar, by forcing regime change around the world. During the 1980's the ESF began smuggling bulk currency out of the US funding the Afghan opium trade for the CIA. Also the Columbian cocaine trade. To maximize profits they got forfeiture laws passes where the seizure of assets are funneled into the Treasury.
Journalist Gary Webb's research uncovered all of this- how HIV/Aids were not a result of gay sex, but from drug use. The gay sex ruse was all fabricated by CIA plants in the MSM. Webb was suicided (he shot himself in the head twice) for exposing the truth about the BCCI-CIA-ESF relationship. His research was quashed by the MSM- ridiculed as "conspiracy theory." He was discredited by his fellow journalists for telling the truth.

In 2001 the Taliban had eradicated the poppy/heroin operation in Afghanistan... the ESF's drug operation that was propping up the US economy was almost destroyed. If that happened they would have been exposed along with their machinations of the past 80 years. Then on September 11th they were miraculously rescued when 19 untrained Arabs stole four airliners crashing two into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and one into a Pennsylvania field. Hmmm. The result; war was declared, poppy production was restored and the ESF was saved (along with the American economy). America's sons and daughters are dying to protect the drug trade and the ESF ponzi scheme.

As things turn out, it wasn't the Creature From Jekyll Island that created fiat currency and all of the problems that go along with it... it was the ESF. The ESF and their propaganda apparatus has been very successful at blaming the "bad bankers" for the economic crisis that they themselve have created. There are indeed bad bankers, but not the guy at your local bank- it's the Wall Street bunch that are tied to the ESF.

This 5 video set uncovers, in about an hour, detail the biggest fraud and ponzi scheme ever perpetrated on the American public. Watching it is one of the most productive hours I've spent in the last 10 years. These parasites are turning America into a third world country- and the feckless Federal Reserve is being blamed. This is the real Deep State!


Holy crap there's so much valuable information here. I read through it all but can only comment on so much. So the ESF is affiliated with the JFK Assasination, the taking of the dollar off the gold standard, the AIDS epidemic, and the War on Iraq. How deep does the rabbit hole go? Maybe I do need to watch this documentary. I've never heard of the ESF but this is very interesting. I can't believe such evil lies below and has covered our government for so many years. Our propaganda always uncovers corruption in African, North Korean, Venezuelan, and Brazilian countries, why can't they expose it in our own?

These are the people behind all of the corruption, the financial arm of the Deep State... I've been researching this stuff for over 25 years and this is new to me.

As usual, an excellent post. The biggest problem is what if anything at all can we do about it?
I learned over the last few years so much, and know where it is all heading. I have told those who would listen but although they acknowledged the information, no one really wants to make ripples. So what now?

I wish I had an answer, I'll be out of here in another year or two, so it will be somebody else's problem. All I can do is try to make people aware.

The Founders knew human nature and tried to limit the role of the Federal Government by keeping power and money away from a central government. They knew,, from history and experience, that when money and power come together in control of government there will be corruption. Where great money and great power convene there is terrible corruption, and in the case of the US, horrendous corruption. I've often said that we, those who pay taxes, are just peasants. Perhaps the best fed peasants in history, but still we bow the knee and doff the hat to our masters who fuck us every possible way they can. Another courageous post. Blessings.

Thank you my friend... I bow to no man! I don't even take my Social Security.

One factor of US Dollar superiority was the Petro-Dollar. The existing scenario and landscape of the international politics and trade seems to be going away from US dollar.... ultimately rise of another currency ... may be the Chinese Yuan.

Yes, they've already launched the PetroYuan and gotten about 20% of the market already since March. The PetroDollar was backed by threat of military force- something we can't use on China or Russia.

I have known of parts of this, but without WiFi , can’t watch the videos. Got to head to the library. Thanks for letting the truth be known..🐓🐓

I tried to make notes while watching, but the guy goes pretty fast and jumps a lot.

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