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Goaded by worldwide protests including righteous Jewish dissenters in Israel and the international success of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions initiative (BDS,) the American Jewish lobby has reacted with Intense and protracted political pressure and that pressure is bearing fruit. Even prior to BDS, Zionist lobbyists were often instrumental in influencing or even shaping US legislation. Now they have reached another milestone whereby an American State has enacted an Orwellian law that criminalizes virtually anything but praise for Jews. After earlier fails South Carolina managed on 5 April 2018 to slip the bill into the state budget at the last minute and it passed. The legislation criminalizes any criticism of Israel as “antisemitism” and even outlaws unfavorable discussion of the Palestinian Occupation, even if it's true .

Not satisfied with their political advances the Zionists augment their agenda with Godless violence. About a month after the South Carolina absurdity Zionist snipers murdered almost sixty Palestinian protesters on Tuesday, May 15.
A baby suffocated from a teargas attack and eight children under the age of 16 were shot by snipers. Another 2,400 people, later upgraded to 2,700, were reported wounded. Also targeted were journalists and medics. All of this was in one day.

So if you live in South Carolina, you can only legally praise the massacre.

To add insult to injury, Israel's High Court “blessed the killing and maiming of the Gaza protesters,” and President Trumps son in law Jared Kushner said the Gaza violence was the fault of the victims. Kushner was in Jerusalem celebrating the move of the US embassy there.

The White House blocked UN investigation into the Gaza killings.

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photo Haaretz

Elsewhere, Al Jazeera created a documentary called TheLobby which exposes covert actions by the UK Israeli Lobby wherein they “bribed, coerced and manipulated” British politicians to subvert UK democracy in support of clandestine Israeli initiatives.
A similar exposé was undertaken in Washington. but has yet to be released. Al Jazeera editors said they have come under intense pressure to kill the film from entities including the increasingly Israel-friendly Saudi Arabia, American Jewish operatives and others. The Zionist Organization of America says it blocked the Al Jazeera documentary because it was ‘anti-Semitic’.

While some pro-Israeli entities have been registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), currently there are seven listings, doing so can be difficult or impossible when that entity is entrenched in and has strong support within the federal government. A significant example of this happened in the American Zionist Council (AJC) case during the Kennedy years and after. While Kennedy was president it appeared that AJC was going to be forced to register; after Kennedy's assassination the initiative lost momentum.
A more obvious and current example of non FARA-registered agency is US President Donald Trump and many within his administration who brazenly put Israeli interests ahead of all else, as described above. If the Mueller is really looking for truth in his investigation of Trump perhaps a more effective approach would be to examine Trump's flagrant servitude to Israel; never mind the Russia collusion farce.

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