GAPS PROJECT: A predictions discussion platform.

Recently, I came across this article shared to me by a friend of mine and it turned out to be very useful. Unlike me, I wouldn't have paid much attention to things like that but after a few minutes read on the it, I gave it a try. Its a project known as the "GAPS Project". A few of you might have heard about it but here's a little more info to add to your knowledge.


The Gaps Project basically gathers information for Artificial Intelligence to learn the data to create a one of a kind super computer in the future that can be used to predict different things like natural disaster prediction rate, voting, marketing or trends and more. It doesn't end there, participants are allowed to debate predictions. In other words, predictions are questionable and can be confronted.

There's rather more to benefit if you just breeze into the GAPS project website -

Hey! This might be much more than you expected, wouldn't rather give it a try?


Sounds a bit scary.

You don't have to be. Just take a quick peek at it.

It looks good. But it is also scary.