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RE: Tucson Child Trafficking Camp: Cemex- Clinton Foundation- Rothschild Ties

Hey, thanks for covering this. I wasn't aware this was getting coverage here on Steemit until Krnel mentioned it in a reply to me when I mentioned this going on. The local news is trying hard to discredit this as being a homeless camp, based on Youtube videos I have seen, despite the rape tree right behind the reporter with the restraints visible.

Here is an update on these heroes here in Tucson that I watched several hours ago. This group is doing awesome work, much needed work as we have a large homeless population here in Tucson.


Thanks, I'm going to do a follow up today or tomorrow. I'm trying to get more info on the ownership of Cemex, and more about why the Mayor and TPD want to shut this down. Thanks for the video, I may use it in addition to my post to help these guys get some help!

Awesome, will keep my eyes open for it. I am guessing the reason the mayor and TPD are dragging their feet is they answer, like all politicians and their private armies called cops to the ones that own these operations. All one has to do is see people like the Clintons and their ilk still walking free living like royalty to know shit isn't right.

There's a quote from Craig Sawyer that bothers me... the two orgs that are trying to shut down his operation are the Muslim Brotherhood and one of the major political parties (and I think we know who). Who's behind the whole "open borders" operation- the Dems. In addition to getting new voters, they're has to be more. It takes money to run an election and drugs and human trafficking are big money-makers!

Also Q keeps saying: Why are the border states so important? There's a lot more to this than meets the eye. This is going to turn into a multifaceted issue. There are Republicans in on this too McCain and Flake to name a couple-both from AZ.

Despite Az being overall a conservative state, Tucson is not. Probably due to it's proximity to the border (about an hour drive). No one I know has ever considered him (McCain) conservative, and most with any leanings to the right here think it is disingenuous he is called a Republican ( don't get me wrong, I think the Republicans serve many of the same masters as Dems, and he is proof of that).

Personally I think this goes deeper than the dems, although they do carry the banner harder for open borders. I believe the deep state (probably ran by those controlling the CIA) are all playing part in making sure drugs get into the country, as well as cheap labor and sex slaves. But if the Republicans had really wanted that wall, it would have been built back when Reagan granted amnesty (or well before that). There is no doubt of that after the suicide pact known as the Hart–Celler Act of 1965.

I have read to many things that suggest Bush and many other Republicans are in this as deep or deeper than Dems. Two sides to the same coin if you ask me. I remain unconvinced Trump is little more than a means to let some of the growing steam out of the pot they have us frogs in. The only reason I still hold out hope is watching how his own party tries to throw him under the bus. But like the right left charade, it could just be another act in their scripted maneuvering.

You're right... this is a Deep State operation... Dems/CIA/RINO's

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