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Be careful who you mix with, or speak out against - there is always a chance you will be SUIICIDE-D.

Of course, suicide-d doesn't always mean taken out, in all cases - they are the 'unluckiest' ones of all....

"Suicide-d" can also apply in many other forms. Disappeared, silenced, ostracised, bullied, forced to submit to one's will and publicly smeared with false accusations and information - just to name a few, amongst many many others.

Good luck in winning that battle in the long run, against the authoritarian and sociopathic/psychopathic class in our society. There are a lot more of those around than what you may realise, in their lust for power and control.....

danny casolaro  suicided.png

Danny Caslaro

deborah palfrey  suicided.png

Deborah Palfrey

dr david kelly  suicided.png

Dr. David Kelly

gary webb  suicided.png

Gary Webb

kenneth trentadue  suicided.png

Keneth Trentadue

terrance yeakey  suicided.png

Terrance Yeakey

vice foster.png

Vince Foster



As always, have a great day and PEACE


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  ·  13 days ago (edited)

What the fuck is suicide-d? And how do you add so many tags?

Suicide-d means killed by 'suicide' lol. I should have written it as suicid-ed.

Anyway, you can add more tags by using steempeak or other sidechains like palnet. As far as I know, all steem sidechains include the option to use 10 tags on your posts. If it has a tribe token, then it has a sidechain;)

Much hacker, very wow!

World is not free from those who love to take control on stupid people, it's easier. The smartest one should be dead or silenced. So then the king/queen can rule on empty nation .. right @bifilarcoil 😉.

Thanks for reminding us😊 I watched too many suicide-d goal scored by careless players, but it's part of the game for the authorities.

You've seen a lot of own goals @cicisaja? Me too! Yes the fun and games that are played... You are very right about that one!

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Awe you got me. I tried playing those damn videos and waited and waited...

I had a feeling that might happen to someone :-) If you are interested in watching any of them, the links below the screenshots lead you to the videos themselves!

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