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RE: MassResistance stops HORRIBLE lowering of Age of Consent attempt in Californication.

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So disturbing. so disturbing. I watched Epstein on netflix last week, trying to find the bait and switch. Of course it only named a very few of the rich and powerful who preyed on girls there, but it seemed to really denigrate Epstein for this behavior. Then I saw it - we are being inured to child sexual abuse. The more we see it, the less horrifying it will seem.
I don't have a problem with homosexual relations among consenting adults, but I very much oppose the sexualization of any child in the schools. Many of us thought it was a great idea to let the schools "educate" our children about sex, so we wouldn't have to have those difficult conversations with them. Now we can see how wrong that was, it both deprives the parent of the honor of discussing sex with our children, and removes parental control of the morality of various behaviors.
So much of school-based "education" is propaganda. Defund the schools, not the police.
I think the original CA law should be repealed. Ten years difference! As a parent, I would very much object to my 14 year old having sex with a 16 year old!!! let alone 24 year old!


Fantastic reply, and I couldn't agree more ! Thanks.

Ronald Regan was elected on the promise of eliminating the Department of Education, and he TRIPLED the size of it instead. We've been such sheople!