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RE: Imposter Alert: @nomorefakenews

The @nomorefakenews was created because Jon was busy and the plan was to give him this steemit account with private keys.

I plead with Jon to post himself that it was WAY better then YouTube for rewards/income (I told Jon he could potentially make a Million dollars here because of how many followers he has) and he still didn't feel the Steemit Vibe but still gave me permission to re-post his stuff,

  • I was to include his autobiography with each post, which I think I did in one post but not all. that is my bad

Again, I did not say it was someone other then Jon in the Intro post because this steemit account was created by me to give to Jon (that has been a terrible mistake) once I was able to show him the feedback, comments and rewards($) it had earned or was going to earn.

I will not be re-posting further material of Jon's.

When Jon emails me, I will provide him with the Steemit Private Keys.

I am done waisting my day off bringing awarness to others and having to defend myself.


When Jon emails me that he is in control of this account I will most proudly promote his work.