Trump Talks About The Forbidden Subject - White Genocide In South Africa

in informationwar •  3 months ago

So most Western Politicians have ignored this subject until now. The reason? Western democracies are explicitly anti white.

trump south africa.png

Trump has broken the mold here. It'll be interesting to see how the media spin this.

Because at some time in the near future people are going to realise that this was done with the tacit consent of the West. And then people are going to be held accountable...

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We The People must be the people who hold them accountable.

All of Obama's accusations of racism and Islamophobia opened the doors to genocide of any stray white or Christian communities around the world. If anyone helps them, they are racist or bigoted.


yes I believe you're right


He was just in South Africa giving speeches. hhhhhmmm.

No one will say it was done with the tacit consent of Donald Trump!


Oh, how you underestimate me!


I have people in SA, and my concern for them grows daily. I hope the wakeup call from the bully pulpit Trump has is in time to save them.

Surprisingly, I hadn't followed you yet. Fixed that.