Low Testosterone Responsible For Soy Boy Phenomenon?

in informationwar •  3 months ago

Not being au fait with Twitter I have no idea whether this article is real. However the reality behind it almost certainly is.

low testosterone.png

The social, familial and chemical feminization of modern men must surely affect their political opinions. And the elites must know this.

The answer? Be a man. Not a virtue signalling woman in a manchild's body...

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Part of it IS chemical; Estrogen and estrogen mimicking chemicals are found in the most common plastics, soy (unless it is the fermented and non-gmo soy), receipts, even because how many birth control pills women take, which works its way into the water supply.

Then there's the social factors, men are removed from the family as much as possible. Poor get perks for kicking the man out of the house and choosing welfare... so, there's a generation of men who were raised with missing or absent fathers and overbearing mothers. They never learned how to be men.

I wish it were as simple as just telling someone to "man up"... it is much bigger of an issue.

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Its the Rat Paradise Phenomenon.