The Stress of Covid-19 - Living Through a Historical Moment of Time Isn't Easy

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This is almost a dream come true scenario for many Americans. A crisis that involves marathons of x-box, Pornhub, and every internet vice imaginable. Drinkers are drinking, and Weed Smokers are smoking. Having to face a global crisis has never been more comfortable.


The flipside to how shitty this event can be for the many who lost their job due to the Corona Epidemic. Not only do you lose your lifeline, you are trying to stock up your house with no future income, unemployment in the U.S. takes 3 weeks to kick in with no income. My state of Missouri pays around 320$ a week. Waiting 3 weeks for your unemployment can seem like an eternity. The Economic collapse hammered my industry for years. I have total empathy for the people who lost their jobs from the Corona Virus quarantine. I have experienced financial stress from the 2008 economic collapse and know that stress rather well. In the U.S. I would rather take my chances with the Corona Virus than be safe at home and jobless.


I don't know what narrative to believe on the Corona Virus pandemic timeline or statistics. I am in total disbelief over the truth about the Corona Virus. I know bat soup from a Wuhan wet market didn't cause this pandemic naturally. I looked up the H1N1 outbreak of 2009. It was bad actually in comparison to the Covid-19 stats. It appears as if the Federal Government could have declared a national quarantine during the H1N1 pandemic. What makes the 2020 Chinese Corona Virus pandemic so puzzling is who released this virus, and why? I'm up on all the theories about the Corona Virus and it feels like a global reset is about to hit. I believe there is ample evidence to prove this Corona Virus was made in a lab.


What is so bad that even Corporate America takes a seat losing millions quietly, there is a freeze on evictions and mortgages, an unprecedented trillions spent on economic aid in most likely the largest economic relief package in modern history. This is the first time the U.S. has had a crisis so bad the government helped the people out for a change and not just the corporations like in 2008. Something very large is in operation and I feel like I can't put my finger on it. In the end I feel the economic stress right now during the Covid-19 pandemic is worse than the virus. I would imagine we are witnessing world history right now, and living through a historical event is some stressful shit!

One strange anomaly is all of the CEO's stepping down. 200 CEO's have given up their positions in record numbers. Many quit their job preceding the pandemic going global. The curious part of me wonders if there is a connection between the Corona Pandemic and the CEO's stepping down en masse.

With the entire world in quarantine everyone take care, this is some stressful shit. The Virus is real, The economic collapse is real. This is the first time that all 99% of us have gone into a crisis this large at the same time. This may be a common bond we must all survive, and when we do survive the Corona 2020 Pandemic it may finally unite the people under a shared crisis.

How do you want to be remembered during a time of crisis? Chuck Norris or a Soy Boy?




2020 is Strange: Nobody's Talking About This!


Great post, though I must mention that cannabis saves lives and heals people both physically and emotionally. Alcochol on the other hand causes most of the major illnesses that kill North Americans (cancer, obesity, heart problems, alzheimers, liver disease, etc). So it's a real shame when cannabis dispensaries, the only option for people other than some guy with a backpack down the alley, get closed down and considered non-essential. People like my wife @MediKatie can die when cut off from cannabinoids. She has a prescription from multiple doctors saying so, and that she needs to take it daily. Without those shops, her health would suffer immediately, and the longer she went with no cannabinoids, the more likely she wouldn't survive. Many others (MS, epilepsy, depression/PTSD, advanced cancer, etc) are similar. A lot of kids with bad seizures that can't be helped with conventional treatments can be saved with the right cannabinoids, with are sourced in those shops people are laughing about getting shut down.
There's even a potential argument for keeping alcohol shops open. Not that alcohol has much medicinal value, but millions of people are severely addicted. If cut off, they can go into DTs and die within 72 hours. To a lot of people, alcohol stores are literally essential.
But with cannabis, there's no doubt. It is medicinal. Nobody will die of withdrawal if they're cut off, but many will die because the illness they're keeping at bay with the cannabinoids would overwhelm them.


Maybe it is the North Korea Christmas Surprise ? It was invisible....

This economic chapter is over. Stocks and realestate will never be the same after this. There is no recovery, infact houses will never be this high again adjusted for inflation.

I bet you could write a book on the economic side of this Covid-19 situation. Are they using the pandemic to have a controlled implosion?, if our economy is always boom/bust by intent was this a way to hit reset and take all the blame off the financial institutions and bury it into the global pandemic. There is definitely an economic side to this pandemic that needs more investigating! Housing in the U.S. is far from affordable, they don't build affordable family houses, every new house is built for 500K and up, would there be positive side to this if real estate prices came down?

I guess we'll never know the true origins of the pandemic but yes it is definitely being used as the scapegoat for the economic reset. This bubble couldn't have found a worse pin to pop it. I think the world needed this reset and it will be a very good thing for the younger generation to start a life eventually. It's going to be very painful for a long time as we transition to a new financial system. I just hope we don't lose our freedom along the way.

Jason Goodman has been doing daily walks through New York City the epicentre of Ameruca's Corona Virus Pandemic. It is interesting, extremely interesting. New Tork is awful quiet for a pandemic, his walk's through the city are real twiligh zonish. Something is off yet nobody can quite put their finger on it.

Ive been walking daily in Madrid center, and even eating out of the trash.. no virus I found actually anywhere 😜

Trust me, not all weed lovers can obtain weed in this blatent properganda bullshite 😐 Great post though!

Thanks movingman, ive been trying to focus on the positive. I know what its like to go long times without work, if you lost your job this quarantine is a prison sentence! Good luck in Madrid!

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