How do you want to be remembered? Chuck Norris or a Soy Boy? A Time for Transformation!


The greatest thing about what I like to call "The Chinese Corona Virus", because it came from China! Is that 99% of us will survive this pandemic! We will live to fight another day! We are all experiencing some real shit! You really can catch a virus and die, and society could really flip the fxck out any second now. There are more dangers from society and the economic fall out during this pandemic than the fxcking virus!

Like I said 99% of us will most likely be here so these are extremely important times. In fact we all will be remembered for how we reacted during a real live crisis. Were you the Ass Hat that bought a years worth of toilet paper for a famiy of 6 and your single and live with a cat? If you are one of the few hourly workers that still has a job do you go in positive and grateful for work hours when so many have lost their job or are you inciting an uprising amongst the crew trying to drag the mood down with gloom and fear porn? Do you value your life so selfishly that you are transforming into one of the protagonists from "The Walking Dead".

People are watching who is doing what. If you were a fxckstick who hoarded essentials and than sold them on the street with a huge markup you will be remembered. If before the pandemic you were a self proclaimed manly alpha, and now you are a cowering "Soy Boy" you for real will be remembered.

What we transform into during this Pandemic may be permanent. There will be new heroes and leaders that would never had an opportunity no other way than a global crisis. This period if time will give rise to real Patriot's! Remember what You Tube personality or even steemit blogger creating content
during the pandemic is all about? You are now witnessing the rare time when everyone you know is showing their true self. This is one hell of an opportunity to learn what every person in your life is all about.

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Don't let this opportunity of a lifetime slip through your fingers. Rise to the occasion, transform and be forever remembered,"The Hero". Let's make our Ancestors Proud! ValHalla!


Interesting Pandemic News

I highly suggest the link with the Italian mayor is hilarious, several Italian politicians go straight gangster!







This is a Patriot Uprising Production
By: Nate Powers
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Don’t sit home watching porn and eating Doritos. Work out, read a book, learn a new skill!

lol badger! Why didnt I think about that

The world is changing, it will come later.