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Climate Change, to be or not be that is the question.

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Geoengineering/geomanipulation is a very real "man-made global warming. I am amazed by how everything that occurs, the vast majority of the public parrot:"global warming". If you ask what they think about the chemtrails, HAARP, Gorpa, and Nexrad technologies in regards to forest fires and extreme weather shifts, they go blank and change the topic. Then they go off to huddle in a 'safe space', with others who will chant "global warming" together. There is none so blind as those who will not see. Little skits in public places can be fun. For example, my partner and I can be in a grocery store waiting on line acting as though we only know each other from the past. She'll say, "so what have you been up to lately?" And I'll
say something like" I've been doing well betting on the chemtrail races". Or, "I've been investing in the weather manipulation industry; the timing is great, it is not a saturated market right now, almost no one even knows about it." "Are you interested in making some real extra money..?" And then we will appear to exchange contact information. Many people on line listen in, and it is always amusing.

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