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Michael Heath is a friend and Christian brother who USED TO BE the head of Maine's most important Christian organization--The Christian Civic League of Maine. That is until it was undermined by sodomite sympathizers within the churches in Maine who forced his removal about 10 year ago now. Since then, Maine, like the rest of the nation, has been on a downward spiral of continued coddling of evil, and the results of that are everywhere, from the push to normalize pedophilia, bestiality, polygamous marriages, etc., to other backpedaling betrayals of Christian principles in matters of the family, the protection of innocent life, mandatory vaccination, etc.

Mike and his wife Paulie remain avid and active Christian Warriors, and their ministry "Helping Hands" deserves the support of all people who care about life, family, and social issues. Here is an example of Mike's good work, and how the state's second largest newspaper, The Bolshevik Dorogoy Novosti--sometimes known by it's English equivalent "The Bangor Daily News" and the Southern Poverty Law Center described him recently:


Mike has asked me to re-post articles from his blog here on Steemit.com, and I told him I would be glad to do so, as they are witty, well-written, and most importantly poignantly charged with Christian principles and issues surrounding the need for the return of the militant church.


Thursday, February 20, 2020 -- COLUMN 215

"As for ‘parent #1’ and ‘parent #2’, I have already publicly said it and I will repeat it once more: as long as I am president, we will not have parents #1 and #2, we will have ‘papa’ and ‘mamma.’” -- Vladimir Putin


The hate book otherwise known as the Bible lists the fifth commandment as "Honor your Father and Mother." While the sin of fornication and adultery is common in the Bible's narrative the sin of sodomy is singled out for special condemnation. The word sodomy itself is derived from the name of a historic city destroyed by fire from heaven. God judged the city harshly after Lot's home was viciously violated by a male mob demanding same gender sex with divinity (two male angels).

Countless nations down through history have adopted the Ten Commandments as a workable foundation of basic rules for educating, managing and ennobling the people. The United States of America is leading the way in erasing this ancient tried, tested and true list from the world's consciousness. America wants loyalty to Christian principles replaced with identity politics and wage slavery. It would not be possible for the people of the world to be ruled over by this wicked cabal of demons if Christianity's rules were enforced. That is why the economic powers of the world need to eliminate Christianity.

When the Soviet Union collapsed over two decades ago capitalists from the West rushed into the vacuum to gain control of the vast nation's assets and workers. Much of this corruption originated in the United States. A common tactic employed by these forces is pornography. In the name of freedom they push sexually promiscuous ideas at the extremes of eroticism. They do this to weaken the male population's moral resolve and capacity to band together to protect and preserve virtue, innocence, family, home and hearth. This wicked tactic of warfare was successfully employed all over the world by the United States in the twentieth century to destroy enemies of "democracy." Christians were mostly complicit in their support for the availability of pornography because the devil was successful making it a proof of tolerance and freedom under the First Amendment.

All forms of sex outside the bonds of holy matrimony should be illegal in the United States. The only debate should be over the punishment for these egregious sins. People cannot flourish in a society that doesn't punish sexual sin, and reinforce life long marriages and virtuous parenting of children. That's obvious to all but the demon possessed. And the cultures and nations of the world who choose to be influenced by the United States of America and her global financial handouts cannot help but be possessed.

The Vatican is considering accepting a multi billion dollar handout from the West right now to vigorously promote ideas that actively undermine the Ten Commandments -- especially the fifth, seventh and tenth. The current Pope is obviously possessed by toxic ideas related to sexuality. It is rumored that he was placed in power by a European mafia intent on destroying the priesthood of the ancient Church that documents it's leadership through apostolic succession all the way back to Jesus Christ Himself.

While Donald Trump is the world's most visible and powerful supporter of sodomy his counterpart in the heart of the old Soviet Union is making himself into the world's protector of Christianity. It is a crime to hold a "gay" parade in Russia. You'll be punished there if you are caught teaching children that the ancient sin against nature is a moral good. And now Vladimir Putin is out publicly rejecting, in no uncertain terms, the "brilliant" compromise sactimonious Mormon Mitt Romney cooked up when he was Governor of Massachussets. Caught on the horns of a dilemma by sodomites the cowardly politician ordered all the marriage licenses to be changed to "partner 1" and "partner 2," eliminating the designations husband and wife, father and mother.

Leftists in the old communist world have apparently seized on Brother Mitt's brilliant compromise as a tactic for pushing their civilization destroying satanism. Putin ain't buying it. What makes U.S. so stupid I wonder.

I think it is the porn addiction that has removed from the men of America the power to walk away from their joysticks. There is no dignity to how we are living, especially for Christians. Church leadership is obsessed by deliberation, discussion and debate darkened by acceptance of sexual orientation theory. We choose our own desires, pleasure and toys over the profound and powerful principle of honoring father and mother. This cannot end well. And it isn't ending well.

The nation is very seriously considering the ideas and leadership of a real fruitcake known charitably as Mayor Pete. The "man" calls himself a wife. I don't waste any time thinking about "him" beyond this fact. I don't need to ignore his sodomy, and seriously consider his other ideas, in order to prove my love and sophistication. It amazes me how insane so many people are now, so called christians included.

The Ten Commandments and the idea of God will survive this nonsense. The United States of America may not. We won't be the first global empire to collapse as a result of abandoning first things.


God willing, and my father's condition allowing, I'll be driving home to Mt. Airy today with my wife, Paulie. My dad is sleeping peacefully in the other room as I write. Thanks so much for your notes, emails and prayers. I appreciate them more than words can express. I love my dad. I'm really going to miss him.




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I would like to say that you are correct that this activity went on in the former soviet republic. I appreciate your report.
On the other hand, I will take a look at this from an alternative perspective in order to make a valid point that may not be available to yours.

This will come from a perspective of the African Holocaust here in the so-called land of the Free and home of the so-called Brave.

So let's get to it. It is the Injustice of racial prejudice that blinds the European immigrant to these crimes. I won't go back too far in history to make my point. Only 400 years ago to begin. At this point we start with the invention of the White Race. From here this point we are introduced to Sir Francis Bacon and his rebellion. Let's fast forward to the De lynches, the french prison guards. Let's slide on down to the Rothschild and Adam Weishaupt. At the same time we have the American Revolution. Okay now let's move forward to Gisseppe Mazzinnie and Albert Pike.
These guys begat the Mafia and the KKK who instigated the destruction of the Republic with the Civil War and the assassination of the 16th President. That's the fast look at the the 1st 400 years. These are the years that constituted the official African Holocaust.

You may be asking yourself what does this have to do with the Russians?
The main thing about this historical overview is that it contains the components and blueprint in the institution of slavery while simultaneously provided a manual for the destruction of major religions and sovereign nations by utilizing a divide and conquer strategy.
How do we get to the Russians and the immorality of these times?
Well it's the same formula being used today. The successors of of those who lead those operations are using the same templates and tactics that they used to enslave the Africans, Causer the civil war, and give us the Soviet union. The problem is that here in Amerikkka we are smitten with the twin disease of cognitive dissonance and learned helplessness which precludes the so-called Black and White to comprehend, ascertain, and identify the root causes as well as the fruit borne from a poisonous tree.
So many in this country are unable to connect the whole situation to the KUKlux Klan( Knights of the Golden Circle. The are unaware of the two 13th Amendments and fraudulent successive amendments and how they shaped the events of today. Then ignorance and apathy of the people's of the world is by design.
I wont takeover your post, so I I'll end by saying these last few words. if the European immigrants could overcome their cognitive dissonance as it relates to stolen Africans and consciously look carefully into the history of the Civil War and Slavery with a bias toward Justice for the aggrieved hue , I maintain that they would be just like me: able to identify the root and the fruit of the poisonous tree

Mike rarely checks in here. I'll be interested in his reply, if he does...