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Michael Heath is a friend and Christian brother who USED TO BE the head of Maine's most important Christian organization--The Christian Civic League of Maine. That is until it was undermined by sodomite sympathizers within the churches in Maine who forced his removal about 10 year ago now. Since then, Maine, like the rest of the nation, has been on a downward spiral of continued coddling of evil, and the results of that are everywhere, from the push to normalize pedophilia, bestiality, polygamous marriages, etc., to other backpedaling betrayals of Christian principles in matters of the family, the protection of innocent life, mandatory vaccination, etc.

Mike and his wife Paulie remain avid and active Christian Warriors, and their ministry "Helping Hands" deserves the support of all people who care about life, family, and social issues. Here is an example of Mike's good work, and how the state's second largest newspaper, The Bolshevik Dorogoy Novosti--sometimes known by it's English equivalent "The Bangor Daily News" and the Southern Poverty Law Center described him recently:


Mike has asked me to re-post articles from his blog here on Steemit.com, and I told him I would be glad to do so, as they are witty, well-written, and most importantly poignantly charged with Christian principles and issues surrounding the need for the return of the militant church.


Faith of our Fathers! we will love
Both friend and foe in all our strife:
And preach thee too, as love knows how
By kindly words and virtuous life:

Faith of our Fathers! Holy Faith!
We will be true to thee till death.

From the famous English hymn "Faith of Our Fathers" written in 1849 by Frederick William Faber

Sweet Children's Fate

We are entering day three of hospice for my father. You will forgive me for being mindful of my dad. He is 85 years old. It doesn't appear he will survive to celebrate his 86th birthday in April. But maybe. He also celebrates sixty years of marriage to my mom, Nancy, this spring. I am so proud of them.

As he matured in age his deepening love for Jesus Christ caused him to mature in faith. He would tell me often in recent years that he prays for me. I know he meant it. And I know he did it. Besides cooperating with God and my mother in giving me life this is the best gift that my father gave me in his long life, his prayers.

He has never fully grasped my decision to link loathing of sodomy and the sexual revolution with politics and religion. But few do understand the depth of my conviction on these matters. That's alright. It is a simple matter to grasp that God hates sin -- especially the sin against nature and nature's God. This is why everywhere you look now Pelosi's brigade is losing. They will lose everything they hold dear. They have driven themselves into a pathetic madness and God is sending men like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to knock us off the broad path to destruction, and start us down a narrow path to life.

The man who developed the most intellectually satisfying viewpoint in literature regarding the Faith of Our Fathers in comparison to the practice of bloodthirsty communists is Alexander Solzhenitzyn. Every school child in Russia now must read his most famous work "The Gulag Archipelago." The book is a chilling first hand account of the brittle, incomprehensible wickedness that accompanies the God-hating communist ideology.

The debate on the political Left in America is between communists and socialists. The party is desperately attempting to save itself by injecting Moderate Mini Mike Bloomberg into the race. It isn't likely to work. Too little too late. Roman Catholic laity will walk away this year in larger numbers than ever before from the party that helped them establish their economic and intellectual standing in Protestant America. This will likely bury it forever. Good riddance in my view. I feel the same way about the Republican Party. Useless, feckless and worthless. Far too many governments of the world have drawn themselves up into a Zeus like pose imagining themselves hurling thunderbolts into the ant-like masses they've perverted, manipulated and hated.

This is what happens when Jesus Christ is supplanted by the gods of paganism. The West has only known two religions -- paganism and Christianity. Paganism is rearing it's ugly head once again as Christ-hating ideologies and religions power up and compete with the Faith of Our Fathers.

I was interested to learn this morning that Faber wrote the hymn to honor Catholic martyrs. Wikipedia reports, "'Faith of our Fathers' is a Catholic hymn, written in 1849 by Frederick William Faber in memory of the Catholic martyrs from the time of the establishment of the Church of England by Henry VIII and Elizabeth." Protestants adopted the hymn, removing a reference to Mary, God's Mother.

My father's life fits the stanza published above. I'll repeat it here for effect:

Faith of our Fathers! we will love
Both friend and foe in all our strife:
And preach thee too, as love knows how
By kindly words and virtuous life

Communist Christ-hating Saul Alinsky told his followers in his "Rules for Radicals" to hold their enemies to their own standards while ignoring those standards themselves. This is the standard Alinsky's army used most effectively. They succeeded in making "love for both friend and foe" mean surrender in practice to the will and powers of the multiculturalists. My father's generation lectured one another about the standard of civility and using loving and kindly words with friend and foe alike while the foe was redefining what a virtuous life looks like. The fox was invited into the henhouse. Nearly all the chickens have been consumed. Will the few remaining chickens fight for the Faith of Our Fathers?

It's instructive to ponder the stanza that was edited by Protestants:

Faith of our Fathers! Mary's prayers
Shall win our country back to thee:
And through the truth that comes from God
England shall then indeed be free.

I'd prefer Mary's prayers to an all out bloody civil war. Who wouldn't? I'd also love to live in a nation that is indeed free because it knows that truth comes from God. It makes no sense to me to quibble over "Mary's prayers" in favor of laughing in the spirit while speaking in tongues. Christianity isn't five hundred years old. It is two thousand years old. Corruption is a staple of mankind all the way back to the beginning. Corruption of God's Church should be no surprise. All Christians -- Protestant, Orthodox and Catholic -- have no choice but to work to restore Her to the Faith of Our Fathers. The alternative is now clear -- men who should be virtuous fathers wearing dresses exposing their genitals to little children while they pretend they are teaching them how to read. How long before this enters the church? Not long given the current trajectory of Christianity.

I'll close with a prayer that it doesn't come to this, but if it does then so be it:

Our Fathers, chained in prisons dark,
Were still in heart and conscience free:
How sweet would be their children's fate,
If they, like them, could die for thee!

Faith of our Fathers! Holy Faith!
We will be true to thee till death.


All but Jared will join me today here in Florida. Jared must remain in Mt. Airy to produce the LIVEstream shows that are the staple of his business, AlthaTech. He may make it down here this weekend. Later today we will gather with the weakening oldest living patriarch of my family -- my dad. We will honor him. That's what Christians do. They honor their fathers and mothers. Such obvious hate. It must be supplanted by honor for Mrs. Pete and his husband.




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