Movies and shows that portray 100-pound females beating up 220-pound rugged men are psychopathic.

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The female "empowerment" crap is so out of hand now that it is routinely putting the lives of females in jeopardy. It seems to me that every single action film now has at least one scene where women are beating up much physically bigger and stronger men, like it's a real thing.

This insanity goes so far now (and has become so ingrained) that we are routinely now putting women into regular combat roles on a regular basis so that it is becoming inevitable (if we ever get into a bigger war than the undeclared regional skirmishes that are so popular with our neocon masters) that these women will be slaughtered without mercy and without and real chance of survival. (i.e. Just great for the globalist "cullers" who want humanities numbers reduced by 90%.)

(uh huh...sure.)

Women and girls are also being taught to believe they can take on men in domestic break-ins, bar fights, and other non-military settings, also to their danger and detriment. This is CRAZY stuff, and films and film makers need to be called to account for putting our women and girls in unneeded danger in their rush to "empower" them.

Yea there is probably 1 in 10,000 100-pound females out there that could have a chance against a rugged 220-pound man, but that leaves the other 9,999 at inappropriate risk of physical harm just for some progressive and libtard notion of "equality" and extreme feminism.

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This is a very important topic and a very valid point.
Unfortunately, this is Steem, where 1 downvote hides your valid post, against 15 upvotes.

Yes...and thank you.

Girl power is supposed to be placed in the fantasy section, the fiction section, in the library. Some of it should be more rare. But they try to turn it into reality, into a normal thing.

I know, right?

That's what is so dangerous, especially for little girls watching this stuff.

Howdy mepatriot! I've noticed that too in the last couple years, it's ridiculous.

Isn't it pathetic?

yeah, a deliberate attempt to make people think that women are the same as men. It reminds me of the classes that Mrs. J just went through. I can't remember what they were called but it was all about taking people down and subduing them.

Well, most of the guys are huge. Like over 6 ft and 275 pounds, a few even bigger. They couldn't even have the females practicing with them in case one of those guys fell on them, they could crush them!

Unbelievable, isn't it? the name of "feminism," but this harms WOMEN AND GIRLS.

Well if girls grow up thinking they can fight boys or men on equal terms I guess they'll learn the truth real fast!

Right. But by then, it's too late...

I agree, it very well could be.