Followup on the CPS Sub-contractor Scandal of the Year

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The absolute soulless evil level of officialdom, especially as it relates to so-called "child protective" "services," (CPS) is evident in so many ways, but nowhere more so than in the type of people and organizations with which they "do business." In many cases, including the one below, the "business" is just pure fraud.

Check out this link about a story I covered in these pages a few weeks ago:

Here is an excerpt:

"Former medical equipment company owner Brenda Montgomery has been sentenced to 42 months in federal prison for her participation in a $4.6 million Medicare kickback scheme alongside former Comprehensive Pain Specialists CEO John Davis.

On top of the prison sentence, the District Court of Middle Tennessee ordered Montgomery to pay a fine of $30,000 as well as a mandatory $100 special assessment per count. She will forfeit nearly $596,000 for her role in the scheme. Her company, CCC Medical, is now closed."

This bimbo was billing CPS (and the American people) routinely for services and supplies that were never delivered, and yet she somehow got away with this for YEARS. My question is not so much about the relatively light sentence, but the "systems" in place at CPS that could allow for this type of blatant fraud to go on (apparently undetected...or was it?) without being discovered much earlier.

Undoubtedly, there must be several CPS employees that were aware of this situation. Probably, some were getting kickbacks, as well. The article doesn't even mention that, or the potential of some type of real investigation AGAINST THE AGENCY THAT MADE THIS CRIME POSSIBLE.

That is what the real concern should be on the part of Americans--especially American taxpayers.

But it won't be.

Nobody but a very few cares.

To care, you must lift the veil on the child trafficking that underscores the whole rotten carcass of CPS--including, YES, that precious local politician of yours who is probably involved--although everyone wants to insist its "not in my back yard."



And don't expect Trump to EVER seriously threaten this evil.

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