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This is scary stuff. Just ran across this article while browsing my emails. This one comes from a former doctor who got out of the "healthcare" paradigm, and is now practicing REAL MEDICINE. Do you guys know about Doctor Sherri Tenpenny? She's awesome. I had her on my radios show many times in the past.

Anyway, here's a link to the article showing that Prozac is partly responsible for making the diseases of the world immune to our abilities to stave them off:

Has anyone else felt "in their bones" there was more to the story than just the known and suspected BAD effects of all the pharmaceuticals?...I mean beyond the getting in the water supplies and groundwater and oceans of the world too? I never knew what was eating at me in that regard until running across this article. Now, I think I know.

Here is a key excerpt from the above link:

"One of the most popular antidepressants in the world is now being linked to antibiotic resistance. Fluoxetine, known by the popular brand name Prozac, is now being implicated by Australian researchers for stimulating the antibiotic resistance environment. This news is groundbreaking because it shows that antibiotic resistance is not singularly being caused by the overprescription of antibiotics, rather, by a potential number of drugs."

There you have it. Oversubscription never did it for me as the sole reason. It's kind of like the bee die-off in the natural world. I knew there were multiple factors, but couldn't prove what they were. Now we know that there are multiple AND REMARKABLE "healthcare industry" reasons why humanity is making it impossible to cure ourselves from deadly (previously "extinct," and also new designer) diseases. It's almost if somebody up there doesn't want us healthy.

Georgia Guidestones, anybody...??

Please do copy the link to this post or to the original article and send it to all your friends!

Here is another troubling excerpt:

“'Our previous study reported that triclosan, a common ingredient in toothpaste and hand wash can directly induce antibiotic resistance,' said engineer Jianhua Guo of the University’s Advanced Water Management Centre."

I haven't brushed with toothpaste in about five years now--resorting to baking soda brushing (the non-metallic kind you can order on line) and frequent mouthwash. I had just been worried about the effects of fluoride, frankly, but now I have DOUBLE GOOD REASON for staying off that particular poison. AND, teeth and gums are healthier than ever, and people (like my wife) tell me my breath is always good. Hand wash? I still use that, but may have to consider stopping that too.

Stay well.

Stay natural.

Take 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily, 15-20,000 in the wintertime, and "call me in the morning."

God bless.

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Just cause prozac is bad doesn't make all pharmeceutical drugs bad. That's like saying LSD is bad for you because meth is bad for you. Prozac works really well for some people. I know a friend who would've killed himself if it wasn't for Prozac. Then you also get people who react badly to prozac. There are studies that found that Prozac can trigger suicide in some people:

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howdy sir mepatriot! I think I've heard of that doctor before, sounds like a trustworthy professional. yes this sounds like the elimination plan for sure..or part of it.


She's terrific. sure does seem that way.