CPS Now Being Sicced on Pro-lifers by "Healthcare Professionals."

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We are stooping to new lows every day now with regard to the types of murdering, low-life, SJWs with which we are populating "responsible" positions in society.

Check out this story:


(Heather Hobbs...Courtesy of theepochtimes.com.)

Here is an excerpt:

"Hobbs said another nurse told her that Nurse C filed the complaint with CPS against other medical workers’ advice. The complaint alleged that Hobbs could be endangering her 18-month-old child by breastfeeding on IV pain medicine, according to the report.

'She sat at the end of my bed and said, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t think it would go this far.’ I stopped crying, was confused yet again, and said, ‘What are you talking about?’ She said, ‘One of your nurses yesterday [the 29th] was at the nurses station trying to get everyone to call CPS on you for breastfeeding while on IV pain medicine,'' she said.

'We all disagreed with her but she kept on going on about it so to put her at ease I called the lactation nurse and the doctors. They both said it is safe to nurse while that medicine is used for post-surgical pain. I assumed it had stopped there,’ Hobbs continued....

The Epoch Times spoke with several people who confirmed details of Hobbs’ story.

'Heather Hobbs is a pro-life speaker and acquaintance via @SaveThe1Child,' pro-life advocate and writer Sarah St. Onge wrote on Twitter. 'CPS was called on her due to political bias. This is unacceptable. No one should fear their children being put in foster care because a medical professional doesn’t agree with their politics'.”

I am not sure whether or not this is one of the several states that now does have strict laws on the books that criminalize making false and malicious calls to CPS, but if it is, I sure hope Mrs. Hobbs sues the heck out of this nurse and the hospital that employed such a cretin and allowed her to file this fale report without retribution.

Enough is enough. Good people have got to stop taking this kind of blatant criminal activity lying down.

OH...and stop calling the other side "pro-choice"...THEY ARE "PRO-DEATH!" Period. Let's call a spade a spade.


God can forgive them too, if they would only repent of their death cult.

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True...but I doubt many are capable of coming to Him, now....

It is a contagious death cult.

Yeah they are very pro death.