Ten-Year-Old German Boy Raped by Migrant Classmates on School Trip

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The ten-year-old boy had previously been harassed by the three fellow students on the day of the attack, two aged 11 and another aged ten from Afghanistan and Syria, prior to the rape with one of them telling the German boy, “We fuck you today,” Berliner Zeitung reports.

That evening, two of the members of the group, an Afghan and a Syrian both aged 11, held the boy down while the ten-year-old Afghan sexually abused and raped him. Two other classmates witnessed the rape but none told teachers.

Less than a fortnight later that the victim of the rape confided in a school social worker about the incident and the information was then passed along to parents, teachers, and the police. The three asylum seeker children were suspended from the school and then ultimately expelled.

The school itself has also been the subject of various problems including widespread disrespect of teachers with students swearing and insulting them along with one in seven students skipping school regularly.

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The problems of the massive immigration in Europe every time manage to surprise me more, until surpassing unthinkable limits, this situation that has happened in Germany, is not an isolated case, and represents an aberration of alarming proportions.

We are talking about children abusing other children, which is exaggeratedly serious and painful, but these children must have learned this behavior somewhere, that is, in their natural environment this type of behavior is perfectly valid and does not carry any burden moral.

The parents of these children are immigrants, and they are probably capable of worse things. In spite of that, in the news I can only find that immigrant children were expelled from school, but I did not read anything about what should have happened next.

I want to believe that this problem was not solved simply by the expulsion of the children from the institute, but there was a follow-up of the case, probably the parents of these children are depraved, besides, it should be avoided that these children are introduced in any other school without taking precautions so that this will not happen again.

But apparently it will not be like this, two of the children participating in the act were immediately integrated into another school and the news does not mention the parents:

While investigators have not ordered an age test for the rapist, who they say is clearly underage, they did decide to put him through a psychological evaluation and state that he will no longer be allowed to attend regular schools.

The two others who held the German boy down during the incident have been placed in other schools. The victim has also refused to go back to the school following the rape attack.

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And although I would like to think that this is an isolated case, it is not, this whole problem is spreading through Germany and the rest of Europe, Sweden is already the main capital of violations in the West, and apparently this will not stop. The european society is divided into two segments; the naive, those who think that the problems of immigration are being exaggerated and that European citizens must help immigrants; and the censored, those who oppose what happens but who are accused of being Nazis and fascists.

Until the european population can agree on how to solve this problem, women and children are at risk.

Migrant rape attacks have been a major issue since the mass sexual assaults that occurred over New Year’s Eve 2015/16 in Cologne and elsewhere. Since then, Germany has seen a flurry of reports of migrant sex attacks at swimming pools, music festivals as well as random rape attacks on women out jogging or going on a night out.

Last year, the government in Bavaria revealed that migrant sex attacks had increased by a massive 91 percent while in Berlin, migrants make up to half of the total criminal suspects.

The European population must begin to make hard decisions and change the direction of all this, they must send to hell the politicians who are not willing to accept the will of the people, and they must solve their problems immediately before one day, they wake up without to be able to do anything about it, since they will be a minority in their own country, a minority with which foreigners, now converted into a majority, will not have mercy.

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The Europeans who think we must support immigrants are not naive, they're just plain dumb, stupidly copying a liberal agenda that says Muslims are nice people and wearing hijabs is cool. I'm quite pissed on this subject because although I live in a small country where we don't have an immigration problem, yet we have activists who talk of helping the poor migrants. FFS, we don't even have migrants, morons. Actually, the fact we don't have migrants speaks volumes - these people are not here for safety, they're here for economic reasons.


Yes, you are right, although with naive I referred to an intermediate group, to those who really know the problem in a superficial way, and that therefore adopt a positive attitude towards immigrants, on the other hand, I forgot to mention to those who are following the liberal agenda.