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RE: Steemit CHRISTIANS...You need to start engaging in the culture wars HERE, and step up!

in #informationwarlast year

I'm here, and helping (some crypto coming direct into your wallet soon - not a lot, but it's a start)
Check out the last 2 posts I wrote.

It's funny , isn't it?
I'm not 'where you are', and could almost say the opposite in some respects - and yet we see many of the same things, very similarly.

I'm not sure what that says, but it's all good.


Bless you, brother. Checking those now...

christians? goy cattle giving their second daughter to be raped to epstein.

I know, right?

lol loser, don't engage learn first ... prove it you aren't just a goy...

what is DPOS? what is D? what is a delegate? what is a single point of failure? what is AML and KYC? how do you wire out Steem to fiat and or cryptos? what are the alternative to steem?

okay... let's wait the cattle in you to collapse mentally.

....if you don't know about these thing , you need to learn.

I'm doing very well putting my steem into fiat, thank you.

My current value of steem earned here, now stands at around the $10:50 per steem.
Not bad, hey?
Now, if I just work out how to get steem into fiat..... lmao.