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in informationwar •  3 months ago

Fake Science

All that can truly be said about climate change, is that the rate of change is directly proportional to data manipulation. As manipulation increases, so too does climate change!

We have years of funding and research which has been rendered useless because of demonstrable manipulation of the data. Therefore the premise of the scientific "consensus" on climate change is unequivocally wrong and needs to be researched again, big oopsie.

It does not matter why the manipulation occurred or who was behind the manipulation; it occurred and therefore, any scientific hypothesis based on the manipulated data, is incorrect. Even using the data as a working hypothesis is not possible because the data is manipulated to suit the hypothesis, in lieu of discarding the hypothesis when data is going in a different direction.

As a result, we might know less about the climate then before the funding and research began.

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Pollution is still an issue though


Who could say, because no one has any money to study it.

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