Young people gave their lives for a nation!

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Hello friends Steemianos Greetings and blessings for all, wishing they are very well. Write them a server @lopzdaniel.


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"Down chains! The Lord shouted; And the poor in his hut Liberty asked". Phrase of the national anthem of Venezuela

This photo that you can see up in several positions, was taken in one of the demonstrations and protests in my country, resistance against the government of Nicolas Maduro, this photo toured the whole world, have you ever seen? Do you know who it is?

Well this is a 28 year old named Jose Victor Salazar, this suffered burns 705 the body, the saddest thing is that he was accused of having burned a tank of the National Guard Bolivariana, when the truth of the matter was another, as these young , the brave of Venezuela, those who demonstrated the discontent of the majority of Venezuelans, those called flannel Soldiers, were burned by the same National Guard, others even dead to dry chest shooting, dying in the worst possible way , young people of my nation, young people criticized by a corrupt government, who did not have the courage or had to recognize that lashed out at against their own people, with bullets and fire.


source image

A test of the bloodthirsty that has been this government can see in the following photos, where you can clearly see how it is shot young David Vallenilla of only 22 years in the protests in Caracas.


source image

This is another image that toured the whole world, where you see the young David Vallenilla loaded with his dead body, these were very painful moments for all Venezuelans day to day night, the calls Gaurimbas were heard everywhere, young They were everywhere tired of the situation and this long dictatorship. The streets taken by war tanks, a guard placed for our defense now defended nothing more and nothing less the politics of a corrupt and sectarian government, those days had not yet come so strong the exodus of people from our country to neighboring countries , as the young men struggled they had hope, they were called the liberators of a nation.

They were a total of 163 young people killed in the protests for the year 2017.


source image

And what were the causes by which Daniel protested?

There were many friends readers causes, hunger the scarce food, were the main, dictatorship, lack of freedom of expression, communist policies disguised as democracy, slavery of the society mostly ignorant, scarce of medicines, Expropriation of companies, taken by the government and managed by them, among many others.

Well look, my way of protesting was otherwise, along with my wife I went to high-risk communities to meet the needs of my people, needs first of affection, affection friendship, and love, health needs, education and food that were not supplemented By mayors, governors or the same government, with my wife and a equeipo of young people began to go to the most vulnerable communities at first one day a week, then we start to go almost every day, bringing education to children, who have stopped attending for not To have the resources, then carrying food, days of health, recreative days, atendiéndoles in different areas. This was my form of protest, and to tell the world that there need in my people, because when a young college graduate in graphic design as I have to leave aside his career to go to serve the shortcomings of poor communities, means that the government a loser.

Mmm I understand Daniel and you have a picture of what they do?


These are children from poor communities, they receive school support, as well as some donations of clothes and food, all we can. We do this work as part of a project that we have called Small Disciples Foundation @littledisciples

We currently serve 120 children from different communities in my city.

This young protested with the soul, gave his life for his nation, criticized by some loved by others, for me demonstrated the brave side of our people, and revealed the discontent of the great majority against the Government of Maduro and the ideologies of Chavez.




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thank you for what all you are doing!


Thank you very much my friend

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