Silly flowchart. It is funny but inaccurate. Homosexual is not the best choice. Technically, everything is sin because sin simply means not perfect, not holy, not God. The Bible says in Romans that the law, the commandments, like thou shalt not murder, steal, etc, serves as a mirror to show the dirt on our face. But there is more to it than that. Also, Romans 1 talks about homosexuality. I can talk all day about these things. Yeah, people can be homosexual if they want. I don't care what people do. But they should not. But they can.

Paul may have spoken against homosexuality, but he also said that women should be silent and never assume authority over a man.

Do you agree with all of Paul's teachings?

Do you understand what a cultural gap is? The problem is that people generally take the Bible out of context and stuff. The Bible was not written in English. It takes a long time to understand the context and everything, the whole story. Are you a feminist? Are you seeking for equality?

Fox News

Tucker: Obama pushed idea that girls thrive when men fail

The problem is that people generally take the Bible out of context and stuff.

So you're going with "appeal to ignorance".

Do you have any specifics? And if "The Bible" is so difficult to understand, why do people use it as an excuse for their personal views?

Are you a feminist?

I'm a logiczombie.

Tucker's completely missing the point.

Some women are better at some jobs and some men are better at some jobs.

You have to sort of take it on a case-by-case basis.

I wouldn't generally qualify or disqualify an applicant based solely on their personal identity (ad hominem).

Are you seeking for equality?

I'm seeking logical coherence (nice red-herring by the way).

That is what Tucker said. I do not understand why you say Tucker is crazy for saying what you said. But you are saying Tucker did not say what you just said. Women are better at certain jobs. Men are better at other specific tasks. That is what Tucker said. But you said no. And then you went on to paraphrase what Tucker said but in different words. But it is the same.

SOME women are better at SOME jobs than SOME other women.
SOME women are better at SOME jobs than SOME other men.
SOME men are better at SOME jobs than SOME other men.
SOME men are better at SOME jobs than SOME other women.

The job ITSELF does not determine the individual (woman or man) best suited.

Statistical averages are nearly always intentionally deceptive (and do not apply to individuals, only statistically significant groups-of-individuals).

Generalities are true. You're emphasizing on exceptions to the generalities. Over 99% of the time, certain things has happened all around the world via billions of people for thousands of years.

Some of those "generalities" are self-enforcing.

For example, if blacks (poor because of jim crow and red-lining) are thought of as criminals then they are more likely to be arrested and convicted of crimes, which leaves their families destitute (poor = at risk for crime) and fatherless (fatherless = even more at risk for violent behavior) which almost guarantees most of their children will be incarcerated at some point in their lifetime.

Now, in my example you might argue that INDIVIDUALS can RISE ABOVE the unfairness of their birthright.

But you've just tried to argue that GENERALITIES are true when it comes to GENDER EQUALITY.


Do you always blame generalities (circumstances), or do you always blame the individual for their plight?

That's when I say: Heteros should not be allowed to marry either, but marry anyway without permission. !invest_vote

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