nazi totaltitariasm - whether fascistic or communistic - is exactly the same psycho that's wearing different clothes, and at different places, on the way to the same party...

I have to ask you @lucylin: Are you in the group of “Fukuyamists” who think that there is no life beyond capitalism?

lolol... oh, I like that. (plagiarism's coming!lol)

Not i n the slightest, btw.

Only sheep people who think its an actual ideology would ever make a group like that.
(ideologues are not the sharpest tools in the shed).

Have you ever noticed how there is no 'capitalist party', but there is a 'communist one?'(and a million other's)

So, how would you call one more humane society after capitalism, @lucylin?


( or John, maybe - I'm not sure).

....throwing the so called current 'capitalism' out of the window (it's communism wearing drag clothes),

There is no post capitalism ..
(with the caveat regarding automation - I'm a bit buggered on that problem, not without entering into the world of eugenics - and we don't want that..)

Free market capitalism is a natural , non oppressive, and non authoritarian system..

move 1.jpg

New technologies have changed that paradigm, (possibly)- and it doesn't bode well when human labor is not the base currency for everything..

Apologies for not upvoting, btw - I had acommie flagging war yesterday- so I'm powering up!

The biggest trap people fall into is thinking we are not a product of nature.

We are - and there is no living organism on this planet that isn't here because of competition, and it's fundamental principles.

As a society, being humane is good, but not at the cost of losing that competitive spirit.
As every extinct species that 'couldn't be bothered', will attest to.
(if they could speak of course, which is a bit silly, I admit)

So you are a Fukuyamist, @lucylin.

The biggest trap people fall into is thinking we are not a product of nature.

The biggest trap you have fallen into is the story of predestined (competitive) human nature. Tiger is competitive because he cannot choose his nature. People can.

The one who has persuaded you to “human nature” does not want you to learn.

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