It's not that I don't understand how people may define these terms. Different people define words differently, including the terms behind what might be on the left and on the right.

But the matter is: Are you aware of the objective criteria of “right” and “left”? It exist, you know, aside from the people who can tell anything they like.

Left = evil. Right = holiness.

Oversimplistic interpretations are, as a rule — wrong. Historically, ideas of the ‘left’ were humane ideas which answered the needs of oppressed majority. The ‘right’ tried to maintain ruling class on the top using any means possible. Today, U.S. is at its historical peak of inequality, and the system is maintained through mass surveillance, brute force and a severe propaganda. A propaganda element is trying to present you “the evil left” (Democrats) against “the good right” (Republicans). The truth is that both parties are owned by the 1% — so they are both at the different level of the ‘right’ — who is just using this false ‘left-right’ theater to keep 99% (you) entertained, so you could not think about humane ideas and your own interests. That’s why true left, the one representing 99%, cannot be seen in corporate media. That is why revolution won’t be televised. But it will happen. System this monstrous cannot be fixed or returned to decency. It is going to explode. It is a historical inevitability. That’s the red pill, and only you can chose to take it or not.

Lacking The Lawn Mower Man:

Because we are not omniscient, we are all wrong as we don't know everything and therefore potentially wrong or inaccurate concerning the details, as we don't know the whole story and how everything connects with everything, historically, gradually, systematically, deeply, supernaturally.

Left & Right

There are differences between leftism and what was once classical liberalism. Technically, people on the right should be a hybrid of classical liberalism merged with conservatism, libertarianism, anarchism, capitalism, etc. Some of that might be described as centric. I would describe what some may call in the middle as far right. Well, just right. But it comes down to how people define these terms. I make up my own definitions. So, people can call me crazy. You might be more focused on how things are while I'm talking about how things either were or should be.

Donkeys & RINO

The two political parties in America were infiltrated by Oxford in the early 1900's and by others. So, that is what these two fake versions of these parties have become. So, the richer people may own a whole lot of that. But that is not what America is or should be. That is fake. They stole it. That's why we drain the swamp. That is why we try to Make America Great Again (MAGA). Because they have been stealing it from us. It has been happening all around the world since the dawn of time. People come in and they mess things up. Left-Right is real. But their fake versions of the left-right paradigm is fake. So, you're right that their fake stuff is fake. But there is real stuff. So, you are over there talking about that. But I'm over here talking about something deeper. You're talking about what is on the surface. I'm digging deep inside to how things are.


There is a potential revolution in Hong Kong as China invades. Also, England. Well, don't forget Brazil. And the list goes on. Alternative media is rising. Dinosaur media is dying. That's the value in alt tech, like Steemit, Gab, Dissenter, Bitchute, Brighteon, Voice, etc.