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The Economist – a world renown propagandistic magazine known for its provocative covers and articles that push a pro-elite array of globalist agendas – has yet again come out with its yearly cryptic issue in an attempt to let us all know who’s really in charge while trying to confuse us at the same time with what, for the most part, are probably some wild goose chases.

Nevertheless, in the circles of the elite (I really hate to use that term since it is suppose to infer a superior breed of individuals which they are far from being) families such as the Rothschilds (whom by no coincidence have a significant ownership in The Economist magazine), the Rockefellers, other Illuminati blood line families, along with countless Satanic and Luciferian worshipping members of the International Banking Cabal, they like to project and telegraph their moves in advance.

According to an expert on the issue, namely Ole Dammegard who has extensively researched their false flag and psy-op operations over several decades, they do so in order to shift the blame on us; in other words, if they tell us in advance that they will do these nefarious acts and we do nothing to counter them, then the onus or blame will fall on us.

We all know that these are very powerful individuals who exert tremendous control and power over governments, financial institutions such as the BIS, IMF, central banks, organizations such as NATO and the United Nations, countless Think Tanks (many of which like the Hudson Institute support and promote war for generation of profits for the Military-Security Complex), the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, a slew of secret societies such as the Freemason, Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, and so on, and so on. They are so deeply scattered and have their tentacles entrenched in all levels of society from the Media to Entertainment to Health Care to Education controlling virtually every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave.

So, whatever cryptic garbage they are spewing, we’d best take notice. And by doing so, we may put ourselves in a better position to counter their outrageous narratives and nefarious agendas.

Arguably, their most famous cryptic cover dates back to the 1988 issue whereby they were predicting a new world currency by 2018:


Well, 2018 is almost in the rear view mirror, and this prediction has yet to materialize. But it is quite apparent to anyone the least bit awake that the days of the US dollar as the global reserve currency are numbered (as could equally be the case for other major fiat currencies) and it shouldn’t be a matter of decades before we get a replacement. Plus we all know that having a centrally controlled digital currency is their wet dream, as they would be able to trace, control, and even tax every single transaction on the planet and thus install their highly desired beast system.

These elite New World Order masters employ their generals such as the Soros’, Clintons’, Merkels’, and Macrons’ along with their other puppets such as Christine Lagarde from the IMF to do their dirty work, as these are soulless and spineless criminals who have no conscience and who have undoubtedly sold their souls to the devil himself.


Christine Lagarde, Looter-in-Chief (a.k.a, Director General) of the criminal organization called the IMF

Personally though, I think they are years away from the implementation of a new world currency (at least in digital form), as they are so far behind the game in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Madame La Sorcière Lagarde herself was recently seen “testing the waters” in front of community developers and enthusiasts at a recent Singapore Fintech Festival with her Winds of Change: The Case for New Digital Currency speech. In the speech, she didn’t even once utter the term cryptocurrency but rather refers to it as digitial currency in lieu. It’s as if she doesn’t want the notion of cryptography or privacy linked to the next paradigm shift in currency. For a supposedly smart woman either this technological given completely escapes her, or she is completely deluded.

Moreover, she is quite clumsy in her attempt to push for a centralized node or institution (such as the IMF) to be the backend processor of all the transactions while leaving the fancy user interfaces to developers from the Fintech and Crypto communities. All in all – and even though she does have a crafty and sly way with words – it is quite obvious and apparent that she is doing the dirty work to at the very least instill, like with Predictive Programming, the notion that it would be preferable to have a centralized authority manage the new beast.

Keep in mind that the IMF was founded upon the creation of the current world monetary system (at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference). So, what this nefarious institution is projecting and jockeying for is most certainly not to be taken lightly.

On a side (but totally related) note, I strongly recommend an article entitled IMF Reveals That Cryptocurrency Is The New World Order End Game written by a brilliant author, Brandon Smith, which offers an interesting/alternate perspective on the matter.

Anyway, back to the cover of the 2019 issue.


A very good initial point of research and short analysis of the cover was recently offered by a YouTuber named TheScariestMovieEver; the video is entitled The ''Illuminati'' Have A SECRET MESSAGE For Us In 2019

I will only offer a few of my own personal observations, as I am not adept in the matter of symbology, predictive programming, and the like but to make this article a bit more interesting I will nonetheless offer a few esoteric takes on the matter.

The focal/central point of the illustration points to a stork holding a bag with a UPC/barcode:


This could easily indicate that we are entering a new age of transhumanism due to advances in AI and robotics, at least that is one of their numerous agendas they want to push. You can already see them promoting the advantages: a smarter human, faster, stronger, with additional senses, and able to perform super-human feats. (kinda reminds me of the Six Million Dollar [bionic] man if any of you are old enough to remember the 1970s TV series). Living in China, I can already see parents willing to let their kids being implanted with anything that will give them a competitive edge in school. Inevitably and without a doubt this area will continue to develop by leaps and bounds for the years to come.

Next, directly under the stork, we see an altered version of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian man wearing VR (Virtual Reality) goggles:


The figure wearing VR goggles denotes the human species now living in an “alternate” or virtual world. This notion is further substantiated by the smartphone he holds in his upper left hand (with a QR code on its screen). People are already totally immersed with their smartphones. I don’t know how bad it is in other countries, but where I live in China the masses cannot even walk outside without having their eyeballs glued to their smartphones. The point here is that people will live in an altered state of consciousness, but in a bad way rather than in a good spiritual way. The masses will continue to be programmed in this virtual matrix. Moreover, the QR code could possibly denote the use of a future global digital payment system (as is already mainstream in China with Wechat). On the Vitruvian Man’s left chest can be noticed the #MeToo text which quite simply denotes that this agenda (the further displacement between men and women) will continue to be pushed. As for the other items (marihuana leaf, baseball, and scales), I will leave it up to the reader to add their interpretations.

On the upper-right side we can see an image of a man’s face with some text written in Leonardo’s mirror writing form which reads ‘Facial Recognition’:


This is quite obvious that the elite want to overtly tell us that they are watching our every move and can track us anywhere we go – whether online (on our smartphones, social media, etc.) or offline walking in the streets, taking the metro, while driving our cars, in front of our smart appliances, etc. Basically, we have nowhere to hide.

On an additional note, there is a lot of “mirror” text on the cover which could denote that we are entering an era of reversal. In other words, black is white / white is black, right is wrong / wrong is right, truth are lies / lies are truth, war is peace, and so on.

To the right of Putin’s Pipelines we can see Pinocchio


which could be an obvious reference to lies are good, as the wood puppet is smiling, happy, and comfortable not knowing the truth. Hence, they will continue to use mass media to spread their lies and the masses will gulp it up unashamedly.

Interestingly, India is prominently featured, perhaps because their economy is predicted to outgrow most national markets around the globe, especially given the trade war between the US and China as well as the Neocons' agenda for war with Russia.


Gandhi making salt

Gandhi was quite famous for his 1930’s Salt March whereby he lead his countrymen to protest the oppression of British rule. Perhaps this is indicative of another (not necessarily in India) movement against oppression. Take your pick as to where this may be, as we can see it around the globe. What do you think? Where could they be eluding to? France maybe?

Finally, I will end with their reference to the Bible’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:


This is a very enigmatic story from the Book of Revelation (in the last book of the New Testament) and can be interpreted on so many different levels. But by many accounts the four horsemen symbolize: Conquest, War, Famine, and Death. Thus, this can denote any of the above.

And with the real possibility of a major, 1920’s or 1930’s style economic collapse, either of these scenarios remains highly likely. Conversely, there are some silver linings in the clouds of destruction; and one needs to carefully interpret what positive aspects can be brought about from such an ominous circumstance.

I recently spent a long time researching this particular allegory from an esoteric perspective to craft a poem entitled Four Horsemen and Seven Companions.


The elite tend to run in circles of secret societies and mystical teachings. And thus, by studying these esoteric and mystical aspects of existence and the greater world in which we dwell, one can get a greater perspective as to how they think and operate.

Anyhow, this is my take on the Rothschild’s 2019 Economist trash rag cover. You thoughts, comments, and interpretations are most welcome and I would love to see them below in the comments section.

In Peace and Liberty,


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Have you read The Economist?

This looks like a very extreme version of judging a book by it's cover.

They of course have their own political slant as most publications do. But I have generally found their articles to be more concise and accurate than a lot of other media most people consume. From the MSM media to raving radio hosts.

Is there an elite that have far more power than they should? Yes! And the best thing most can do is to read what they read to understand their views.

Knowledge is and has always been one of the greatest forms of power.


Hello @kabir88. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to comment. As a former business professor, I have read the publication over the years. I must admit, though, I have always found it to be quite dry in terms of contents.

My biggest issue with the publication (other than the fact that it started to be used as a propaganda weapon, particularly since the past decade) is that it presents macro economics in a Keynesian light and has pretty much always done so.

Keynesian economics is all about expanding the monetary base (i.e., printing money or conjuring it up out of thin air as bits on a computer screen) to promote growth - which is cursed to be fake and based on debt; in other words, you are borrowing from the future to support growth now (the short term). This is a fundamentally flawed economic concept. A much sounder one is based on Austrian economics. You can read more about this and the Mises Institute - an excellent resource from which you can get both the basics and more advanced economic concepts.

If the world (including its central banks) were run on the latter instead of the former, we would be in a much better predicament in terms of global economic health. But unfortunately, because Keynesian economics have been pushed (by the elite and powers that be) so much in Academia and in Media (i.e., The Economist at its core), the world is awashed with a gargantuan amount of debt (what is it now around $300 trillion?) which has made the elite extremely rich and has made the rest of the world burdened debt slaves. You know this debt is unsustainable and when the next economic meltdown occurs the shit is really gonna hit the fan.

Lastly, all you need to do is do a quick image search on Google to see the covers of the Economist over the last 10 years and you will see a lot of propaganda, desperate click-bait, headings and images on their covers to attract buyers and sell their agendas.

But hey, maybe I am missing something else. So, I always welcome your comments.

Take care my friend.


libertyacademy -

As you've self-identified as a "former business professor" have you yet accepted that there is no right way to do something wrong? Is not the core of your reply a testament through which a reasonable person should conclude that usury (when defined as lending at interest) is the cause of all purposeful debt dysfunction, and that despite exhausting infinite permutations of attempts to implement usury (lending at interest) the outcome would be same? Am I correct in recognizing that you are only interested in the chaos of the game? If I am incorrect where is your condemnation of usury economics? You are exactly correct in your impression of the economist as dry rhetoric as it is in reality awash not in debt that doesn't really exist, but in the blood of those slaughtered to perpetuate the myth.

The shit has never stopped hitting the fan. Look up, wake up, you are being sprayed.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA


Don't remind me about being sprayed, I live in Shenzhen...

5G is the real next big killer though and China is leading the global way in this respect. So maybe the persecution of Huawei is not entirely a bad thing...


libertyacademy -

Taxation is theft, and from where I set the bar (infinite truth), it's near impossible to find a victim. It's been explained to me that the US national debt, all those treasury bonds are collateralized by the land in the US. China be damned, there will be no way forward for communism. I've got 3 grandchildren that never voted for any of that debt and the shitboomers (my generation) never had any intention of paying one thin dime of their debt. All they talk about is that social security check is "their" money. Talk about a sociopathic relationship with state. Mussolini was correct in defining fascism as corporatism, and it is the only game on the globe.

I must constantly remind myself that there is no unescapable social destiny. Death has no enemy.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

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libertyacademy -

Thank you! A very nice write up, I enjoyed it very much, except...

You said nothing about global weather and biological warfare, stratospheric injected aluminum aerosols, ionospheric heaters, 5G, and Agenda 21 2030 depopulation. But then that's only the elephant in the room and everybody who's anybody ignores that.

That uneasiness you feel when using the label "the elite" is your subdued consciousness reminding you that "the elite" are not in charge, they're just another layer of go-fers. As long as you distract yourself with collective ego you'll never take the initiative to bleed out the head by slashing the go-fers within reach.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA


Thanks for your input @woodchuck-pirate. 5G/Chemtrails/Vaccines are also huge threates of course and I have written about these. 5G is the most worrisome.

As for the "collective ego" thing: as long as their tentacles are all over the global banking system all the conjuring one brings about in one's own consciousness won't make a tangible difference in that undeniable fact (other than perhaps creating an illusory fable and false perception of reality).


libertyacademy -

Thanks for your reply.

I have come to recognize this is likely the last decade for mankind. Therefore the elimination of global banking, usury, and all collective ego(s) may come to pass beforehand. Even then planetary omnicide may not be avoidable. 5G in my opinion represents the final chapter in the psychopath statist(s) plan.

These seem the strangest of days I've ever known. Recently I was stopped by a very pleasant elderly gentleman that cheerfully asked me if I thought it was going to get cold. I was at the Tractor Supply Store buying 4 bags of pellets for my stove. He mentioned how he burned coal now instead of solid wood. I asked if he worried that the coal mines might be shut down and coal banned from the market. He pointed straight up at the sky and said "He won't let them." I was puzzled at his gesture and asked "who, you mean God?" He said "Trump, as long as he's around they won't close the mines." I said "I don't know about that, Trump isn't stopping the climate engineering and now it appears he may be involved in deliberately burning the people out of California." His reply was "maybe they need to be burned out." This puzzled me more as he was speaking in a very animated happy manner. I have thought quite a bit about that conversation and I have great suspicion that he may actually consider Trump as some type of Messiah.

I have also met many people here in the country who have explained their active implementation of strategies in preparation for Armageddon. A very nice couple stopped by the farm to buy a covered Trailer to haul tools to their new land in Oklahoma. The man had an Army Ranger hat on with a large cross on it and he explained how his Pastor had gone out ahead to inspect the land prior to him buying it. I mentioned the geoengineering ongoing here and discussed their plans to roll out 5G in the country. He and his wife were very knowledgeableof these things, saying they covered their vegetable plants to protect them from the material raining down from the sky. He said they already had 5G in Oklahoma. She said "our savior is coming back", and I took it she meant any day now. The man talked about how we're all going somewhere and you can choose where you're going to go. He talked about his military service and said how even the biggest toughest macho men cried when the worst of the bombs were going off around them. I mentioned the depleted uranium tipped bombs and the damage done to the US soldiers who were now having children born with genetic birth defects. We shared our awareness on all these topics. I was grateful to have met them and learn their plans. This couple could have chosen to collect their entitlement checks, ignore the madness and run out the clock like the majority of seniors I know, but they were very clear in their focus and action.

There also seems to be a strong trend of young people here committing their lives to church and congregation activities. Many I went to high school with and they weren't very religious back then. It's clear to me that something has caused an abrupt awakening. Perhaps it is because we are located on the border of Pennsylvania and NY, directly under the jet-stream constantly manipulated to impact New York City. We are getting the worst of it and we aren't even the group they hope to confuse, we're just in the way. Given my herniated discs, nerve damage and ongoing years of chronic pain endured straight-edge no tobacco, no alcohol, no drugs, the geoengineering is a constant nightmare and 5G is a core component in that planned AI interface. I know many people here who have already contracted medical conditions that suggest toxic aluminum exposure, some have undergone chelation therapy. Some have contracted cancers, and some have died extremely young from massive strokes despite being aged less than 35 years. There is something more evil at work than decentralized psychopathy.

I myself can monitor the geoengineering activities by the ringing in my ears, pain and fatigue differentiation. I expect the worst of this process, but I'm a mean old woodchuck with a life-long history of suffering. I won't go easily.

Thanks for expressing your awareness of these matters.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA


Dear @woodchuck-pirate, thanks again for your feedback and apologies for my tardy reply.

I really appreciate your lengthy reply through which I can tell you are a remarkable individual. I've also had some serious back problems but herniated discs must be hell.

I think when times get really tough, everything material becomes irrelevant and people turn to what is real - truth and God (and the Goodness of God which cannot be found anywhere else).

I have family in the US and pray for them all the time. It is such a beautiful country with wonderful people. But unfortunately, the Cabal and Zionists have systematically destroyed the nation since (and arguably before) the Civil War. These parasites need to be rooted out of your government and across all other social institutions before the rule of law and the great vision of the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, and the Bill of Right can be fully restored. Until these evil doers are gone, not much is going to change but rather continue to deteriorate. The biggest short term threat now, thought, is their (Cabal & its agent the Fed) plan to crash the dollar. It has already started and Trump would need to act fast otherwise it is game over and I wouldn't see the country recovering for at least 20-30 years.

Wish I could have been more positive. But I pray that the masses will wake up and take your country back.

Keep in touch my friend.

I totally agree with you about 5G.


libertyacademy -

Thank you for your reply including your monetary perceptions inclusive of the US dollar. I tempered my formal "education" limited to dual associate degrees in Electrical Tech and Business/Marketing. I continued classes at Elmira College, Elmira, NY completing core coursework and refused to purchase the remaining 16 credits elective courses. I was self employed as a series 7 registered rep at that time and having accumulated a 3.7 GPA for all course work to date I was convinced there was no real education forthcoming. The indoctrination was insult to injury as I was paying cash from my pocket self-reliant with no subsidized loans or employer to offer reimbursement benefits. A book lies there to be read and I was long since past tolerance of doing all the work to carry the "appointed" team members forward on class projects. When I had attended the "Information Technology" course the professor manipulated the entire course focus to accessing how and why gov't should implement information technology strategies to resurrect New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Of course I was vehemently opposed to the entire paradigm, especially the thought of dragging my consciousness through the sewer sophistry of altruism (the philosophy of death). Therefore I committed myself to leading an alternative narrative preaching self-reliance and advocating that the answers be found at individual level, private database management and zero gov't intervention. This didn't mesh with the Professor's position of New Orleans as of great historic significance and worthy of forced sacrifice (there are no selfless acts). However the appointed team members were more than happy to accept my leadership in writing the project report in its entirety and monitor my classroom discussions with the Professor explaining my alternative viewpoints. The class ran its time out and we walked away with an "A" with me no more educated than when I started. After completing successive upper level Strategic Management and Marketing Classes I exercised my virtue of selfishness and walked away from "higher" education preferring to spend my time and money reading philosophy and ultimately leaving the securities industry altogether.

Life after working as a broker began before the dotcom crash. I sold out prior to the crash and never lost a penny. I had been raising children since I was 20 years old and my youngest was graduating high school. I bought a motorcycle and decided it was time I went to Phoenix, AZ and live deliberately. I kept my village home in NY and my wife stayed behind as she wasn't ready for a change. I took a few dead end jobs but eventually enjoyed learning to work with tile making outdooor island BBQ grills. I rode bike 365 days a year, drank like a fish and read all the Jack Kerouac I could find at the half price book store. On grill deliveries I got to see million dollar homes in Fountain Hills and of course studied the irrational expansion of residential development across Phoenix and other parts of the state. I have to say anyone who didn't see the mortgage market meltdown coming was deliberately blind. In AZ today still only 18% of the state is allowed to be owned by private individuals. This meant the mortgage bubble was deliberately created by collusion of state to sell land to developers under contract for fixed price residential sales, and the banks conspired to finance via liars loans and then securitize the mortgages without even delivering the deeds to the trusts that bought them. The working class folks I hung about with were convinced that house prices would never go down. I tried to entertain them with requests to add up the 2x4's in the house to arrive at some perception of how out of whack the selling prices were. They weren't having any part of my message and only hurried to leverage up to buy every house they could. I myself had been remodeling house since a child with my stepdad and steered clear of the mess and abandoned the idea of ever buying within the city. I eventually paid cash for 36 acres off-grid in Chevelon Canyon Ranch located 6,500 ft elevation near Heber-Overgard, AZ. I also paid $18,000 cash for a 5.94 acre farm property in Chemung, NY with house, well, septic, and electric. I still own my village home which is 12 miles from my Chemung farm property. I've never sold a property and keep only enough money in a bank to pay the monthly utilities and tax bills. I've got everything I ever wanted in life except real freedom and that want drives me committed to the pursuit of infinite truth. I can't be satisfied.

Regarding your generous outlook that the US (or even planet Earth) has a future longevity of 20-30 years, I'd say you are wildly positive. It appears from your words expressing the idea that Trump would act against the Cabal and Fed doesn't find common ground between us. Trump is a Zionist. Trump undoubtedly would say anything his puppet masters would tell him to however he's a war criminal asset of the central bankers and the demise of the US is written in stone, probably since before the "Revolutionary War". I have zero loyalty to any gov't, having self-professed to embrace anarcho-capitalism. Neither was I born in the US as I was born March 1959 in the Sovereign Nation of Hawaii which is still under illegal occupation by the US. Despite the US offer of extending a passport to me and claiming they own me, I remain committed to the pursuit of infinite truth which rejects the cult of statism. I have come to understand the perception that the global market is a balance sheet and can see the inescapable collapse of civilization, but then civilization is never sustainable. The very notion of collective egos seeking to gather ownership of land and natural resources to enact control over others is by definition statanic. And of course it takes very little review of the Talmud to see clearly what Israel Terrorist Racist Apartheid State has got planned for the assets of the US delivered to Zionism and rebuilding of the Temple. It follows that Trump's moving of the embassy to Jerusalem negates any and every attempt at debate that he is anything but a low level psychopath unworthy to be pissed upon if he were lying at my feet dying of thirst. Until the good people of the US demand "Free Palestine" they can follow each other in silent complicity to the depths of their own hell. It is reasonable to expect that no self-respecting anarchist will lift a finger to stop the cannibalism of socialist versus socialist. Anarcho-capitalism or else is what I say, and you already have the "else". On that note I'll thank you for the kind words and know that everyone is unique and nobody is special. I expect to see more and more folks speak for the arrival of someone special to save them but I am the one I was waiting for. The only answers that matter are found at the individual level. Beware those introducing themselves requesting courtesy, sympathy and taste. I've heard that song before.

Have a very nice day.

Woodchuck Pirate
aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

Nice interpretation. The economist its well knowned in beetwen conspiracy theroists. I remember another cover with a strange similarity with the BTC logo, and speaking about a global currency... 1987:

Good article!


Thanks. But we are not conspiracy theorists my friend, only astute observers of reality.

The video was less than illuminating, focusing on the number 33 then forgetting about the cover image.

So let's have our own fun!

The QR code is readable and sends you to here:

The article somewhat explains the "mirror" metaphor.

Your phone is a mirror of reality, yet like Pinocchio... it lies to you.

More disturbing reversed writing.

"New Horizons to Ultima Thule." (look it up)

Why is the "Britain after Brexit" bulldog squatting on... Canada?

The scales are weighing people, hence not so much about justice but democracy, with polling boxes under the armpit, plus the phone in the other hand - digital democracy is coming, or rather, the illusion of democracy.

That's enough fun for one sitting ;-)

Just Say No.

If you like cryptic clues, here's one for you:
Ruin base goat. (8)


Thanks for your insights my friend.

Your phone is a mirror of reality, yet like Pinocchio... it lies to you.

Pretty much.

Why is the "Britain after Brexit" bulldog squatting on... Canada?

I [ashamedly] hadn't even noticed (apologies to my fellow canucks). Canada and its Trannie Trudeau is the Queen's (and the US's Deep State - as we have seen with the Huawei CEO debacle) subservient lapdog and that is no secret. Pretty pathetic and I don't see much improvement on the horizon.

You aren't the first to find the term 'elite' to be objectionable. In the 19th Century the term Robber Barons was coined. Kleptocrats, profiteers, and banksters are all preferable, and more descriptive.

Take your pick =)

The cover image is, as you note, both telling and illusive. It is the stork image I find most disturbing, particularly given the recent story from China of the birth of gene-altered babies and the subsequent complete disappearance of the 'doctor', He, that claimed to have made them more resistant to AIDS using CRISPR technology. will sell you a CRISPR kit for a couple hundred USD, and you can engineer your own glow in the dark frogs with it. Interesting times, indeed! The medical establishment may well seek to impose research and medical protocols on the scientific community, but this technology is completely decentralized, and every saint and mad scientist in the world will have this ability to genetically alter every living thing extant, craft novel creatures and chimerae, and even themselves.

Harvard has no ability to stuff that genie back in the bottle. No government, movement, nor mechanism of any kind of which I am aware does.



My preferred one is banksters.

Thanks for your input my friend.

Just noticed another related video from the channel A CALL FOR AN UPRISING:

He doesn't go too much into detail about the elements of the cover, but still offers some relevant insights. He is usually spot on with the symbolism and hidden symbols; so I strongly encourage all of you to watch his [pretty much daily] videos.