Update: Epstein & Covid19

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Sources say that it is highly likely that politicians and Hollywood elites favourite paedophile may have had the sniffles at the time of his “suicide” so it can now be classified as a Covid19 death, rumours are also surfacing that JFK may have had a bit of a runny nose when his head was blown apart so it looks like that may also be a Covid19 death.

So there it is folks, this plague is even more deadly and far reaching than all the war criminal governments and propaganda outlets want you to believe, so you better get to the shops and fight the other brainwashed zombies to the death (which can also be attributed to Covid19, hey, why not, others are doing similar – ISS Report: 99% of Covid19 Deaths had Pre-existing Serious Illness) for that last pack of life saving bog roll.

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Conclusive: Epstein Killed By Magic Bullet


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