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in informationwar •  last month  (edited)

Yesterday, I received some emails from Steemit's management requesting I come back.

I decided some time ago to no longer post articles on Steemit, and actually I wouldn't mind deleting everything I posted and disappearing completely. It's not that I had a bad time here, it's just that overall my experience lacked the one thing I signed up for... a social community. I enjoy the back and forth of a good conversation, I don't see that here.

I see a lot of the people that signed up approximately the same time I did, have also faded away. And, I have it in mind that they also hungered for some kind of socializing. I've also seen some long established writers that lack comments on their well written material, and even though they do receive many, many upvotes, there is generally at most one, two or three human comments on their work.

I have tried to engage authors and the few commentors I have run across, and I feel lucky to even be acknowledged with an upvote.

Truth is I get more comments on Disqus threads attached to random articles, than I ever got here... so, I'll be moving on.

I have no hard feelings about my time spent here, I'm just disappointed that this great platform is literally such a ghost town... It has great potential, but I don't see it going anywhere without some kind of social activity.
so... adios and vaya con dios...

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