A new digital space country has been born! Asgardia the Space Kingdom!

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These kinds of things are hard to believe but as they say, reality is often much more incredible than fiction.

A Russian millionaire has just been elected president of Asgardia, the first Space Kingdom!



As ridiculous as it sounds, it seems that in these times we are living, if you have the money and enough influence you can have your own kingdom.

Their "philosophy" is based purely on the ideas on which the UN was founded but it takes them into space in a more technocratic way.

Asgardia's philosophical envelope is to ‘digitalise’ the Noosphere, creating a mirror of humanity in space but without Earthly division into states, religions, and nations. In Asgardia everyone is just Earthling!

It has a constitution, anthem, flag, coat of arms, are creating a parliament and according to their website already have more than 250,000 registered citizens but so far, the only real piece of Asgardia is a satellite called Asgardia-1 that is floating in low Earth orbit (LEO) and is just 10 × 10 × 20 cm in size.

Asgardia has even its own Wikipedia page.

I already knew about the idea but honestly it seemed so unreal and silly that I did not pay much attention to it until today that I saw this video from Truthstream Media about the topic. Very good analysis they make of it and I am, in principle, very much in agreement with the theory expressed in the video about what is really wanted to achieve with the famous "Space Kingdom of Asgardia".

I hope to read your comments on the subject after watching the video.

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Si les va bien con el proyecto serán un ejemplo y si no...también, aprenderemos de sus errores. De todas formas es probable que sea una cortina de humo para evadir responsabilidades terrenas. Espero que sea positivo como de verdad lo exponen.


Por desgracia es todo lo malo de tu comentario y lo positivo es para esconder ... en que ha ayudado la ONU en 60 años? El mundo está igual o más jodido. Nada que es puro blablabla por desgracia. Imagínate que el presidente es un millonario para empezar ...


Si, es millonario pensé en todo el dinero que pudo invertir en el desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías, la ONU es solo un filtro mediático, solo ha funcionado para escuchar propuestas estériles (politiquería).