Nigeria --Goverment within Goverment

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Nigeria government, government within a government.

This is the third time time this statement has been said about nigeria government.
The fact is that it is not coming from one person, rather most insiders in the presidency has repeatedly claim to the accusation that Nigeria government is been hijacked by cabal of politicians who makes decision on behave of the whole state.
To this is effect am prompted to give an empirical observation of Nigeria presented administrative,
Actually I seek to find if the accusations are through or if it is just a political statement that seeks to destroy this preset administration.
To aid me, let understand who the present president is, of whose goverment is claim to have been hijacked. I mean who are the friends of the president? And if it is possible to have a government within this government.

this information is war!!



Who is he, actually abudulsalami is a formal head of state of Nigeria, his administration was hail for handing over military government to civilian government In 1999..
Of resent, his been silence about political issue in the country, you will never hear him make any political comments, but behind the scene his been even more active than the president himself. People call his The President maker, he was vital to the restoration of peace to Liberia. So off course he holds an international reputation,
But is he one of the cabal That has hijacked our Nigeria government?

Mamman daura

This is the nephew of the President, he holds no political offices, but behind the scene his the actual vice president of Nigeria, his know to travel with the President on every trip,
His is know as the unofficial vice president, and he has a great influence on the president,
Is he one of the cabal?

Ismailia funtua

This is another unofficial political office holder, just like mamman Daura, his always seen at state function, his is the personal friend of the president, and has great influence on him, his been criticized for been the pioneer of Islamization of the nigeria state, he travels with the president and his highly regarded by the President

Adams oshiomole

His the immediate past governor of Edo State, his he a great influence on the success of the Newly ruling APC government, when his office as the executive governor of Edo State expired, he was quickly made the party new chairman,
He new the party faithfuls, and his office as the party chairman has created so many defections from the party, he seemed not bordered at all, and has a great influence on the party an the president, highly respected

Theophilus Danjuma

This is another respected military officer in Nigeria, he is the sole sponsor of the president bid for presidency, he hold a very profitable oil company, and is know as the political office appointer of the President, who ever he recommended for any political office goes in straight,
It is believed that every government sort his support always during their administration. Of course his highly placed.

Actually no one could vividly testify if this men has hijacked our Nigeria government, it is all speculation due to their immunity in government, and the respect they receives from the President, but nigeria could could be a kind of Putin and friend adminstration, most elected officials claims that the president would rather work with this men than working with them, which brings the question

Is their government within our Nigeria government?



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