What the MSM and Establishment Want You to Believe!

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The Mainstream Media and Establishment Politicians want you to believe that the Protesters in the U.K. are indicative of a President that is failing and causing catastrophic damage to the reputation of the United States.

trump baby balloon.jpg

They show you pictures of a couple of thousand extreme left socialists with ridiculous signs and a balloon that they refer to as a blimp and they want you to believe all of the U.K. feels this way. They think that they can convince Trump Supporters to reject him through their narrative that Trump is an evil racist, sexist, dictator that is mean to children.

What they are failing to realize is that this type of reporting and the narrative they are pursuing is only serving to grow Trump's base. While many people are scared to outright demonstrate their support of this President, it doesn't mean that they won't show their support come election time. As many Reasonable Independents and Moderate Democrats that did not initially support Trump see this behavior and the endorsement of this behavior from Mainstream Media and Democrat Leaders, they are beginning to distance themselves from it.

These Independents and Moderate Liberals are finding that there is no place for them in the Democrat Party unless they are ready for open borders, higher taxes, and socialist policies. They are objectively looking at their lives after 2 years of Trump and they are discovering that it is not that bad! And as a result, it is likely that they will either be inclined to vote Republican in the midterms or not vote at all. Either way, this type of behavior will likely result in a shrinking of the Dems base. There are not enough "protesters" that vote to make up this loss of base for the Democrats.

Again, people may not tell you that they are happier under a Trump Administration because quite frankly it is not cool to support Trump. You will be bullied and ostracized for your opinion. Remember, Trump supporters smell, they are under educated, they are deplorables and they must be discouraged and silenced though harassment (i.e. getting kicked out of restaurants and assaulted for expressing any favorable opinion of this Administration). MSM and the DNC Leaders have actually encouraged these tactics while they claim this is all Trump's fault. When in reality all Trump did was win an election that he wasn't "supposed" to win. And the MSM and DNC can't handle that fact. In fact, the MSM and DNC have actually tried to revise the results of the election by making the claim that he didn't win the popular vote and the exit polls indicated that he was least popular therefore he is an illegitimate President.

Looking at this objectively, MSM and DNC exclaim that Trump is the bully, but in reality they are the ones that are using "bully" type tactics to stifle any progress that this President makes. Hypocritical at best, but more accurately irresponsible and dangerous at worst!

Thoughts and follows appreciated @joelfriedman68

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