Mainstream Hypocrisy and Facism!

in informationwar •  5 months ago


For many years now the Left Leaning daytime talk show “The View” has preached against intolerance while at the same time mocking, rediculing and shaming Conservatives and Evangelicals. So hypocritical.

While the show may be called “The View”, they only accept 1 View, and are intolerant of any other opinions or “views”!

Yesterday, Whoopi appeared deranged and hysterical when a guest alluded to Trump Dreangement Syndrome. Whoopi’s behavior only served to validate and provide us with a very real example that the guest’s opinion that Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

When will these Leftists in the MSM and Hollywood realize that their behavior and intolerance is actually pushing more to the Right and right into Trump’s arms?

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