Democrat Party- Moderates NOT WELCOME!!!!

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As the Democrat Party moves further to the Left with their calls for Socialism, Abolishment of ICE, Higher Taxes for who they consider rich, open borders, etc., they are basically leaving no room for anybody that considers themselves a Moderate Liberal.

The Democrat Leadership is planting their flag on Resistance, Division, and Impeachment. They have no desire to actually work toward common ground. To them, it is an all or nothing game!. These leaders don't care about common good unless they can use it to solidify their stronghold on power. For the past 2 years of the Trump Administration, rather than working with their Republican Peers, these Democrats have proven that they can and will successfully work as a team to obstruct any legislation, nomination that comes from "the other side of the aisle" These Democrats have actually attempted to use the courts to prevent the Trump Administration from enforcing existing laws regarding Homeland Security and Illegal Immigration rather than working with a President that has flat out acknowledged that he is willing to reach a deal to solidify DACA and provide a pathway for citizenship for undocumented immigrants in exchange for stronger border security. These Democrats have also partnered with the MSM to ensure that any stories that highlight any stories that place Trump in a positive light (i.e. Tax Cuts, Increasing GDP, Record Low Unemployment Rates, NOKO progress, etc.) are minimize in lieu of executing their plan for Destroying Trump and other Conservative Leaders that threaten their existence.

Where is a Moderate Liberal to turn? While the Moderate Liberal may not agree with Trump's character or demeanor, they are not necessarily disappointed with his results. And they don't see a Democrat Candidate emerging that has the courage to break the resistance and work for common ground. And quite frankly, Trump's policies thus far have not been much different than that of a Moderate Democrat. He has not made any meaningful spending cuts. In fact, one could argue that his appetite for "spend" is more Liberal than Conservative. I believe his call for fair trade and the need for Border Security rings true with Moderate Liberals. They know that if they vote Democrat in the Mid Terms and the Democrats gain control, they will be endorsing the party moving further to the Left. Which is something that the Moderate Liberal probably desires less than the current State of the Union!

At some point this Democrat Party needs to understand that they can't succeed by pandering to the Extreme. Maybe if enough Moderate Liberals stay home for the Mid Term or better yet vote their conscious by voting for the candidate that best matches their opinions regardless of Party Affiliation, these Democrat Leaders will learn their lesson. Only then will we be able to a healthy balance of politicians working together to find common ground solutions to very complex problems.

Thoughts and follows appreciated! @joelfriedman68

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