Debating with the Left/Democrats has become Meaniningless!

in informationwar •  4 months ago

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The Democrats, or better known as the Resistance partnering with the MSM have proven over the past 2 years that they stand for nothing other than forcing President Trump into Resignation, or Impeachment and Removal. And at every turn they have delayed, obstructed, and voted as a block against EVERYTHING that this President has supported. Their Partners in the MSM jump on every negative Trump rumor and present them as fact and under report any true progress that this Administration has made.

It has come to a point where it is pointless even to engage in debate in an attempt to find common ground. Or for any Conservative or Independent Pundit to appear on any MSM to discuss issues. More often than not, if you are an Independent Thinker that shows any support for President Trump, you will be labeled.

As an Independent Thinker, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find any Democrat that is interested in having a healthy debate with any one that doesn't believe that Trump is the Devil. It is a non-starter for them! And if that Independent Thinker decides to take on that Democrat in a debate, they will not find themselves in a healthy discussion where both parties are able to sway one another or find common ground. After all, the Democrat Leaders are the openly referring themselves as the RESISTANCE, if they found common ground, that would make them liars as well!

Below are some words/labels that the Democrats and Mainstream Media are attempting to redefine:

Bigot (noun) A person who wins an argument with a Democrat.

Racist (noun( A person who wins an argument with a Democrat.

Homophobe (noun) A person who wins an argument with a Democrat.

Sexist (noun) A person who wins an argument with a Democrat.

Facist (noun) A person who wins an argument with a Democrat.

Nazi (noun) A person who wins an argument with a Democrat.

As Independent Thinkers, we should all be wary of any party that does not believe that there is common ground and their beliefs are the only path. That is dangerous and approaching cultish. I fear that we are reaching that point with this Resistance! And so more Independent Thinkers see this happening, it is forcing them to abandon the Democrat Party, which in turn forces the Democrat Party to become more extreme in their pursuit of replenishing their base.


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