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Great post. The first component you listed at the top, "Global, sequencial, in place water vapour generation" is what most people seem to be unaware of and I think that people like Dane Wiggington (as you also pointed out) deliberately steer people away from this part and focus them on the chemtrail programme.

When I first started looking into the in place water vapour generation it blew my mind and still does a bit to be honest. The idea that something so big has been hidden in plain site for so long is hard to believe but that does appear to be what is happening. Getting people to believe it is the problem and gatekeepers like Wiggington don't make it easier.

Thanks for spending the time documenting this stuff. Although most will ignore or deny it, those that take the time to read about it and watch the videos cannot fail to at least consider it.

Weatherwar101 was where I first discovered this information too. As you will already be aware, he documents how Wiggington and other ignore his information and try to smear him. Wiggington is another one of the heroes that people worship and think he is their saviour when in fact, in my opinion, he is the opposite. He is part of the problem. He works for those who are misleading and destroying the planet. Whether he knows he works for them or not is the question.


@Jimbobbill yep WW101 is indeed an authority on this topic and I have heavily borrowed from his website, videos, and books, and have cited the sources as well. WW101 did call out Dane and a few other psyop shills, I will be dedicating a post on these 'gatekeepers' as well since a lot of sincere truth seekers are being misled by them.