Another Fake Shooting - Fake News Exposed Again, This Time By The MSM Themselves! (Sort of)

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Another Fake News Story Has Been 'Exposed', But the New Official Narrative Still Leaves People With More Questions Than Answers

Last weekend on Sunday August 25, yet another completely fake news story was exposed, by the New York Post and numerous other mainstream outlets ironically. Unsurprisingly, the 100% fabricated story which was concocted the previous Wednesday had initially been widely covered by the major television networks as a big breaking news story, presented as the absolute truth, as 100% real, accurate news without any shadow of a doubt; when in fact this story was quite the opposite of the truth and was really just that - a story, completely fabricated and made up, contrived entirely from the imagination of some authority figure(s) with absolutely no basis in reality whatsoever.

This story demonstrates the true reality of television reporting and mainstream 'news' in America today - where one can never really know if a story is based on reality, being twisted, or not even a real story at all - being entirely fake news with no basis in reality whatsoever, completely fabricated as this trending story turned out to be.

Two examples of the television coverage of this particular 'news' can be seen in the excellent short video on this story above, put together by Brian of @highimpactflix. It all started when a Lancaster County Sheriff's Deputy, Deputy Angel Reinosa, 21, called in a shooting and claimed to have been ambushed and shot in the shoulder by a sniper, or his chest depending on which channel one was tuned into at the time the story broke. Reinosa claimed "that he was shot by a sniper Wednesday while unloading a patrol car in the parking lot of the Lancaster Sheriff's station."

The deputy was then allegedly rushed to the hospital where he received treatment for his bullet wound(s), and was then soon sent home where he was reportedly in "very good spirits" as one can imagine anyone who was just shot probably would be. Not surprisingly, the reporters repeatedly cite the 'authorities' throughout their reporting of the story as their sources confirming this breaking 'news'.

Also not surprisingly, the Sheriff's Department responded to the 'shooting' in full force, swarming the nearby multi-story apartment complex where the sniper was said to have ambushed the deputy from, searching and clearing all the rooms without warrants, violating the rights of a host of American citizens, in search of the sniper who it turns out doesn't even exist, over a shooting that never even took place, allegedly all based solely on the false claim of a rookie deputy who said he had sustained gunshot injuries; despite that immediately "it was apparent that he wasn’t injured," authorities later said according to the NY Post. But we'll get back to that part of the story shortly.

The city Mayor then quickly made a public appearance to galvanize the story and of course politicized it as well, claiming to have just come from the hospital where the injured deputy was admitted, who according to Mayor Rex Parris was "in a great deal of pain, obviously." The Mayor also explained away the apparent conflicting versions of the story regarding where the deputy was hit by the gunfire, stating that "the [bulletproof] vest saved his life, but the bullet did deflect into his shoulder." Ah, so he was hit in the chest, and the shoulder, as the bullet deflected from his chest into the shoulder!

Only problem with this statement by the Mayor is that it directly contradicts the deputy's own claim: "He claimed the protective vest he was wearing stopped a shot to his chest, while another bullet had grazed his shoulder," the LA Times later reported. What a convoluted web of confusion we have here, and yet the corporate fakestream media expects the masses to buy into this type of nonsense hook, line and sinker as genuinely real news and the absolute truth. What a joke!

Repeating the same political rhetoric spewed by president Trump in his alarming speech several weeks ago in response to the last major 'shooting', the Mayor blamed the mentally ill for the attack and the fact that the apartment complex which was apparently known to house many mentally ill people existed so close to the Sheriff's Department. "It's a building filled with people being treated for mental illness," Mayor Rex Parris said. "Of course it's a concern," he said. "Of course it's insanity to allow such a facility to exist in such a location."

Of course now that the story has been exposed as fake news, fabricated by the very same 'authorities' who were allegedly put into danger because of this building, one might wonder if the Mayor was or at least should have actually been speaking of the Sheriff's Department and all its deputies rather than the building and all of its occupants allegedly being treated for mental illness!

On Saturday night officials announced Deputy Reinosa had concocted the story, and that no shooting had actually taken place.

“There was no sniper, no shots fired, and no gunshot injury sustained to his shoulder ― completely fabricated,” LA County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau Captain Kent Wegener said Saturday night at a press conference.

"A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy “completely fabricated” a report that he was shot by a sniper — slashing his own shirt to appear as if he were struck by gunfire, authorities said," Jacki Salo for the New York Post writes on Sunday.

He told dispatchers that he was struck in the shoulder by gunfire from an open window of a nearby apartment building.

But his story started to unravel as soon as he arrived at the emergency room, where it was apparent that he wasn’t injured, authorities said.

Officers investigating the supposed attack were unable to recover any bullets at the scene or locate the sniper.

Wait a minute, the same 'authorities' all the TV reporters were citing as sources confirming the story as they reported on this shooting as genuinely real news later said it was apparent as soon as he arrived at the emergency room that the deputy wasn't injured! But the reporters were broadcasting this 'news' and citing these 'authorities' after the deputy was supposedly treated and sent home, and all the way into that night as the 'manhunt' continued! So the authorities knew practically immediately that the deputy had fabricated this story, but led the mainstream news outlets on pretending it was still a real shooting? And they continued on with the massive manhunt in search for a sniper who they full well knew couldn't possibly exist, well into the night?

Screenshot 2019-09-01 09.10.38.png

'Signs of a Hoax Emerged Quickly '

So it read in the headline of the LA Times piece on this story, published on Monday. And yet the Sheriff's Department continued leading a manhunt not just into the wee hours of the night, but for three whole days!

"The dramatic twist in the case came after days of fruitless searches for a gunman," the LA Times reported.

And why exactly - if signs of this hoax emerged quickly, and if within 20 minutes of the deputy's reports of the ambush as soon as the deputy reached the hospital it was apparent he hadn't been shot - did they continue searching for a gunman all the way until the deputy confessed to fabricating the story on Saturday? As the LA Times goes on to detail, the immediate signs of this hoax were numerous and not contained to the emergency room observations of an obviously non-injured deputy.

"Investigators noted there had been no 911 calls reporting gunfire in the area and no bullets were found in the parking lot," the LA Times piece explains. "A hole in his shirt that Reinosa said came from a bullet was far too large." That's just too funny, that the deputy apparently thought he could get away with such a sloppily fabricated story, but there is more.

And on the radio Reinosa sounded much too calm for someone who had just been shot, let alone a green deputy still in his first year on the job, multiple sheriff’s officials and others with knowledge of the investigation told the L.A. Times on Sunday.

So with the massive amount of conclusive evidence that this deputy was not shot and that no shooting had even occurred, why exactly did the authorities continue the manhunt for two additional days. The LA Times explains their reasoning:

When Reinosa put out the call for help, there was no choice but to assume he was telling the truth and set in motion the massive response that included locking down the apartment building overnight to conduct a thorough, door-to-door search, the sheriff said.

Although it soon became clear that the deputy’s story did not add up, investigators couldn’t jump to conclusions, the sheriff added. On Saturday, he said Reinosa confessed when investigators confronted him with the evidence that indicated the shooting was bogus.

In other words, despite it being immediately clear that the deputy hadn't been shot, they couldn't jump to the conclusion that there had been no shooting, apparently until the deputy himself admitted to fabricating the entire story. And don't forget you must always assume the police are telling the truth, even though with every passing week it becomes more and more apparent that so many of the so-called law enforcement officers habitually lie and twist the truth for a variety of self-serving reasons. Assume the officer is telling the truth even if within 20 minutes it is obviously clear they are lying, and go on hunting for the non-shooter until the investigation into the fabricated story concludes three days later. Even when doing so wastes taxpayer dollars, police time that could be spent investigating real crimes, and especially violating the rights of numerous innocent people who happen to live in the building which was the target of the officer's big lie. Doesn't sound at all logical to me, but that is 'law enforcement' these days.

“He admitted to cutting the holes in his shirt,” Villanueva said. “We know the ‘what’ and the ‘how.’ We don’t know the ‘why.’” Or so the Sheriff says - that he doesn't know the 'why' - but this is the same Sheriff who apparently thought it wise to continue a massive manhunt long after it was obvious the entire story about a shooting occurring was fake. "Reinosa’s motive for faking an assassination attempt remained unknown," the LA Times continued, explaining that Mayor Rex Parris "said in an interview that the deputy had been struggling in his first year in the field." Further, Parris "said the deputy was scheduled to be transferred from the Lancaster station and speculated that he had been unhappy about the pending move."

Evidence of a Conspiracy

None of these speculations by the Mayor give us even the slightest logical reason as to why exactly a rookie deputy would risk his brand new career by fabricating such a ridiculous story, in such a sloppy manner, not even using fake blood, not even cutting the hole(s) in his shirt to the right size; surely knowing full well that it was inevitable he would be caught upon arrival to the hospital when a complete lack of bullet holes would obviously be discovered - unless this wasn't just a lone cop fabricating a story for no apparent reason but had been planned in advance by others.

After all, it is hard to see how the Mayor in particular could have possibly not been in on this lie, since in his initial public appearance he stated regarding Reinosa that: "Fortunately he was wearing a vest, the vest saved his life... I saw him in the emergency room, probably within 20 minutes of the event...he was in a great deal of pain obviously."

How these statements by the Mayor regarding seeing an injured deputy in a lot of pain in the emergency room can be reconciled with the statement by authorities reported by the NY Post that the deputy's story started to unravel as soon as he arrived at the emergency room, where it was apparent that he wasn’t injured, is beyond me. So, as soon as Reinosa arrived at the emergency room, it was apparent that he wasn't injured; and yet the Mayor who claimed to have visited with the obviously uninjured deputy in the emergency room claimed the deputy was shot and obviously in a lot of pain, apparently missing the clear signs that he wasn't even injured. Or the more obvious conclusion is that this was a planned fake shooting that the Mayor was in on, and word was never meant to get out that the deputy was obviously not injured.

More evidence to support this theory is that none of the corporate mainstream outlets reporting on this fake shooting dare to point out this obvious discrepancy, or even question the Mayor's part in any attempted cover up, despite this connection being so obviously apparent that surely even a ten-year-old couldn't miss it.

Not to mention that the story begins to make much more sense if the poor deputy actually thought he was going to get away with this lie, and how could this be except that he was working with other players to fake this shooting - others in the Sheriff's Department, the Mayor, and surely hospital employees. Because there's no possible way he actually thought he wouldn't get caught faking this shooting in such a sloppy fashion! And why else would a rookie who just landed a career as a deputy suddenly risk his newfound career and possible jail time for absolutely no apparent reason whatsoever?

And let us not forget that according to television news channels covering the story as it unfolded (CBS News specifically), "Sheriff's officials say he was hit in the shoulder" - and this is being reported after the deputy was allegedly treated and sent home, despite that it was also immediately apparent upon his arrival to the emergency room that he wasn't even injured, as 'authorities' later said according to the NY Post. One is left to wonder if these mysterious Sheriff's officials are among the same authorities or different than those who investigated, discovered and later announced that the whole story had been fabricated. Regardless, we can also add some unknown 'Sheriff's officials' to the list of those who are also obviously implicated in covering up the truth and helping to stage this fake shooting, before it was later announced that it had been fabricated.

All of this evidence points to a pre-planned fake shooting, a conspiracy carried out by multiple authority figures including at the very least the deputy who later confessed, the Mayor who was obviously lying and using the fake event to push a specific political agenda, and an unknown number of unidentified Sheriff's officials of the Lancaster Sheriff's Department, as well as presumably one or more hospital employees.

People can disagree with this theory all they like, but it is further substantiated by a series of similarly staged shootings in the past from Sandy Hook to Parkland, it follows the same pattern except with much less effort to make it convincing, and it is the only theory which also answers all of the unanswered questions the official narrative still leaves us with at the end of the day. It seems apparent to me that this is the most sensible conclusion as to why a deputy who is literally only three months into his career would fake a shooting and go to almost no lengths whatsoever to make his story at all convincing in order to not get caught and fired.

As to why the fake shooting would then be exposed by some of the same authorities in on the cover-up? I would imagine because some hospital employee who wasn't in on it noticed an uninjured deputy being 'treated' for wounds he didn't sustain said something, or maybe some hospital employee decided not to play along with the game. Maybe one of the investigators wasn't a part of the conspiracy, and once he noticed the discrepancies it was impossible for those attempting to stage the shooting to sustain the cover story. Or maybe it was indeed just a lone nutcase deputy who faked getting ambushed and shot for no reason whatsoever, or who was so stupid he actually truly believed he'd get away with it and collect some sort of worker's compensation package.

Regardless of why it occurred, at the end of the day it is more apparent than ever that the far bigger threat to Americans are government officials, lying cops, and the government-mouthpiece fakestream media which sell lies on a daily basis; rather than the mentally ill all of those just mentioned have been demonizing lately and blaming for all the recent shootings - some of which are obviously completely fake such as the one discussed in this post, possibly all of them.

Interestingly, there has coincidentally just been yet another 'mass shooting' this weekend, this time near Odessa Texas, almost as if due to the last attempted staged shooting failing and being exposed as the fake news it was, another was necessary to push the same agenda. I suppose only time will tell, but the one thing we should learn from the Lancaster lie is to always doubt the authorities and mainstream media when it comes to initial claims and stories regarding alleged shootings until they offer substantial proof, particularly when those stories are immediately picked up as top stories by news outlets across the country and used to push political agendas - as indeed the case has been with this most recent alleged shooting in Odessa.

If Sandy Hook, Parkland and numerous other staged shootings in the past decade didn't teach us that lesson, surely Lancaster now has.

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